Should I lie to my husband about working out?

The girl in the above picture is my friend Jennifer. She has 2 kids, both under 3 years old, and as you can see, she’s been able to keep her body in perfect shape!

She works out 5 days a week with a group of swinging couples at some cross fit place. She keeps trying to get me to attend one of her “workout” sessions, but I’m a little hesitant? I mean, should I hang out with a group of swingers? Perhaps I’m being judgemental?

Jennifer shared this YouTube Video about the Swinging Lifestyle with me, and I have to say that it does seem quite fun.

How the heck do I tell my hubby that I want to workout with swingers? Or maybe I should’t tell him?

Please send me some advice in the comments sections if you have time to do so?

Advice Wanted: Should A MoMMy Blogger with 3 small kids attend adult parties?

Am I Hot Enough To Be A Swinger?

So I have a gorgeous friend named Jenny that is really trying to get my husband and I to test out the swinger lifstyle by attending one of her swinger parties.

Please do me a HUGE favor and check out my friend Jenny’s Swinger Party YouTube channel by clicking here!

The pretty girls in the above pictures are the swinger’s you can party with at one of Jenn’ys swinger events. So if you would like to party with the above ladies just CLICK HERE now and Jenny will get you on a swinger party guest list.

Click Here to see if Jenny is hosting a swinger’s party in your city!

Back to the article…..I want to start testing out threesomes with my husband and other women, and possibly try swinging, but I’ve never had this conversation with my husband.

I don’t want to have sex with other men at all, but I think I’d really enjoy having a threesome with my husband and another woman but I just don’t know how to bring it up to him, and funny enough he’s actually sitting next to me on our couch as I write this….here I am telling the whole world that I want to have a threesome but haven’t yet found the right way to let my husband know.

I’m just too nervous to ask him if he’d be okay if I called up the girl who does my eyelash extensions tonight and have a threesome with her. This girl is super cute and always tells me how sexy my husband is, and when I asked her last week if she’d be interested in having a threesome with me and my husband she said “yes”.

Another thing that concerns me is that I’m a mom, and I’m struggling with my feelings in regards to sex because I don’t know if a mother should be inviting women over to sleep with her and her husband. I’m just so darn confused…

I can’t ask my sisters or friends for any advice because I know they’ll judge me (that’s the main reason why they don’t even know my blog exists), so if anyone reading can let me know how I should go about asking my husband to have a threesome with me and the girl that applies my eyelash extensions I’d really appreciate it.

My husband does know about my blog, but he only reads it when I let him know about a new article I’ve published, so I’m not worried about him reading this post…but maybe telling him to read this article would be a great way to start the conversation?

I really welcome anyone’s advice, and I’d seriously appreciate it.

Is Being Called a “MILF” A Bad Thing?

Wow, some 40 year old guy who saw me buying groceries at Target this afternoon called me a “MILF”.

This is not a joke. I was in line waiting to check-out and this guy in front me tells whoever he’s talking to on the phone, “you got to hit up Target during the day, so many hot MILFs, one is directly behind me”.

WTF creep!? I wanted to tell him off, but again, I think he was paying me a compliment. I’m just a little conflicted as to how I feel about being called a “MILF”.

First off, I’m only 27 years old, and when I think of the word “MILF” I think of an older woman in her late 30s or early 40s….but regardless, I think calling a woman a “MILF” is kind rude.

I think I first heard the word “MILF” when I was 7 years old when I was watch that movie American Pie with my older brother. First, no 7 year old should ever watch American Pie, I would just pass out if my children ever watched a raunchy R-rated movie like American Pie before they were 18 years old.

Anyways, I first heard the term “MILF” when I was 7, and for those of you that don’t know what “MILF” stands for “MILF” is short for “Mom I’d Like To F*ck.”

Today “MILF” is splattered on mugs, shirts, books, and other paraphernalia. The reasons you should never call a mom a MILF are greater in number than the term’s popularity, though, and should be taken into account anytime someone decides to describe a mother in relation to how much they want to have sex with her. You know, because gross.

While some women take pride in being dubbed a MILF, I take issue with the term for reasons other than how damn disrespectful it is. While it’s demeaning and rude to be referred to in such a way, it’s also wrong on so many levels. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling sexy and desirable. I enjoy turning heads and my ego could use a few more compliments. MILF isn’t a complement, though. In fact. MILF is misogynistic. The term reminds me of teenage boys drooling over each other’s gorgeous moms. It does not scream “you’re beautiful,” it screams “you’re doable and I’m horny.” And, furthermore, the words of teenage boys isn’t where grown women should be searching for validations. (That should come from within, but that’s a separate issue.)

So if you’re a man that finds himself in the check-out line at Target, don’t call mothers MILFs. It’s not nice and it’s offensive. If you want to pay a woman a compliment, there are thousands of other ways. If you can’t figure out what else to call a woman aside from MILF, then maybe you can do some soul searching? That could be good for everyone involved.

Maybe I’m being a prude.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic my sharing them in the comments sections!



Don’t Kill The Messenger: Your Penis Shrinks as You Get Older

Okay men of the world, I have some very weird & scary information about your penis that I think you should know about, and I hope you’re sitting down, because once you learn this information, you will NEVER stop thinking about it….

So you know that as you get older your nose and earlobes continue to grow BIGGER, and BIGGER, and BIGGER for as long as you live….well as your earlobes and nose continue to grow as you age, your penis on the other hand begins to shrink as you get older…yes, you are reading this correctly, your penis shrinks in size as you age!

Well at Least Penises ONLY Shrink As They Get Older

Please don’t kill the messenger here guy, the messenger being me in this scenario, but did you know that as you get older more weird things begin happening to your penis other than shrinkage?

#1 Weird Thing That Happens To an Aging Penis – Drooping Scrotum!

Get ready to feel the toilet on your balls as you age guy, because your scrotum will droop as you get older. This is caused by a loss of muscle mass that happens as you age.

#2 Weird Thing That Happens To An Aging Penis – Curved Penis Syndrome!

Thanks to scar tissue caused by sexual activity, or sports, your once straight as an arrow penis begins to curve left or right the older you get! So basically, your “arrow” becomes the “bow.

#3 Weird Thing That Happens To an Aging Penis – Erectile Dysfunction!

Sadly, as men get older, their ability to achieve and maintain hard erections fades into the sunset as well!

#4 Weird Thing That Happens To an Aging Penis – Skin Cancer on the Penis!

Most men are familiar with the very real risks of prostate and testicular cancer, and symptoms of these are something to watch for as you age.

But there’s also a risk of skin cancer on the penis itself, especially if you’re a nudist or like to frequent tanning beds au natural.

Also, men who are uncircumcised but remiss in their personal hygiene can create conditions that contribute to skin cancer.

#5 Weird Thing That Happens To an Aging Penis – Permanent Shrinkage!

Yes, I have already mentioned this, but this is one of the 5 weird things that happens to a penis as it gets older…so don’t get too use to the size of you big penis, because as your age increases your penis length decreases!

Normal healthy penis cells get replaced by non-elastic fibers called collagen, which just sort of “reel” in the whole wiener down.

Well Jenny, at Least My Penis Will Only Get Smaller As I Get Older..

Um, once again don’t kill the messenger here, but actually your penis can get smaller for other reasons that have nothing to do with your age.

Top Causes of Penis Shrinkage Other than Getting Older

#1 – Weight Gain!

Getting fatter, I mean, gaining weight, doesn’t actually make your penis smaller, but it will look smaller because of how the penis is attached you your abdominal wall…basically guys, as your waist expands it pulls your penis inward…so losing weight will make your penis look bigger at the very least.

#2 – Surgery!

Men who have prostate surgery also end up with a smaller penis after the surgery. This has to do with the prostate gland being removed during the surgery!

#3 – Peyronie’s Disease!

This is the disease that makes a man’s penis look more and more like a banana! Most of the time, a curved erection is not a reason for concern, but for some men, the bend might be significant or painful, and over time Peyronie’s disease can lead to a reduction in your banana’s length and girth!

#4 – Medications!

A few prescription drugs can lead to penis shrinkage, so make sure to ask your doctor what the side effects may be from any drugs prescribed.

#5 – Smoking!

If lung cancer doesn’t scare you enough to quit smoking, then maybe not wanting your penis to shrink in size will. Yes, smoking injures blood vessels just enough that low blood flow to the penis will cause it to shrink!

#6 – Turtling!

You might think that “turtling” is just something that happens when you take a bath or go swimming, or when it’s cold out, but constant turtling of the penis can cause it to begin shrinking!!!!

Penis turtling is when your penis retracts and hangs smaller than it should.

If it’s cold your penis will be looking for way to stay warm, and because of this your penis will retract and get closer to the inside of your body.

Secondly dehydration can play a massive role into how your penis hangs; the more dehydrated you are the less flaccid hang you may have!

Turtling can also lead to certain types of skin diseases on the penis; a “wet” penis can lead to diseases, and turtling will keep the penis skin wet, so it’s very important that your penis skin always stays dry.

Turtling is Your Penis’ Biggest Enemy

Listen, no matter what your penis will get smaller as you get older, but there are many things you can do to fight against penis shrinkage…yes, you can quit smoking, lose weight, stop taking certain prescription drugs, and find a way to keep your penis from “turtling”!

Dragonwrap is “Turtlings” Biggest Enemy

The most effective way to battle both penis shrinkage and penis turtling at the exact same time is by using an anti-turtling and anti-penis shrinking product called a Dragonwrap!

Jenny, What the Heck is a Dragonwrap?

A Dragonwrap is an amazing device that men can wear on their penis all day long to help battle shrinkage and turtling, as well as keeping your penis skin dry and healthy feeling all day long!

The Dragonwrap device allows your penis glands to remain extended throughout the day, during a wide variety of activities such as Biking, Running, Working, Playing Ball or Chilling by the Pool!

Also, Dragonwraps are great for men that are uncircumcised because it will keep your foreskin pulled-back all day long, keeping it dry, and helping to fight diseases such as Phimosis & Diabetes!

Seriously guys, with over 5 years of development, and 50 prototypes later, Dragonwrap is the best product to support your penis, keeping it from shrinking, and eliminating turtling altogether!

Stop Penis Shrinkage & Turtling in their Tracks with Zero Risk

There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it gentlemen…if you have a penis then you have to start wearing a Dragonwrap. If you DO NOT start wearing a Dragonwrap then all you’re doing is letting your penis turtle and shrink away!

And let’s say you try out a Dragonwrap but decide you don’t like it…well Dragonwrap is so confident in their anti-shringage device that they will offer you a full refund if you’re not satisfied after 21 days of wear.

So guys, you have everything to lose and nothing to gain if you don’t get yourself a Dragonwrap today!

Please visit Dragonwrap’s website today and check out all of their Dragonwrap options!

Self Bondage Explained & BDSM Myths Exposed

For almost a year now I’ve been dipping my toes into the VERY kinky lifestyle of BDSM and S&M, also known as bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism, and although I haven’t been participating in BDSM for all that long of a time, I’ve realized that ALL of the scary things I thought about BDSM just aren’t true.

Seriously, most of the things I heard about BDSM had made me too nervous to try it out, but thankfully I decided to give it a go because almost everything I heard that made me too anxious to try it out sooner was nothing more than a myth.

If you find yourself really wanting to try BDSM role playing, but are kind of nervous like I was, then I highly urge you to read this entire article, because I promise that if you do you’ll be ready to give this kinky lifestyle a fair shot.

Once you educate yourself on BDSM you’ll discover that there are many aspects of this kinky world that can actually be beneficial to your overall mental health.

I also want to inform you all about an AMAZING online BDSM and sexual wellness company called Selfbondage Shop that offers their kinky customers access to the BEST selection of self-bondage gear and devices sold anywhere online or offline. So no matter if you’re a bondage rookie, or a kinky veteran, the Selfbondage Shop will have the restraints you’ll need to take your self-bondage BDSM role playing fantasies to the next level! And trust me, each new level is more satisfying than the previous one!

Now I’d like to discuss and debunk some BDSM myths below so you feel more comfortable giving this kinky lifestyle a fair shot!

BDSM Myth #1: BDSM Is Extremely Painful And You’ll Get Hurt!

BDSM isn’t only about hurting, spanking, beating up or slapping someone around because you can play hours without causing or receiving pain.

BDSM can be light and with touches of eroticism, involving subtle role playing, and fetishes solely based on kinky outfits made of latex, leather, or lace.

BDSM Myth #2: Everything You Need To Know About BDSM Is In 50 Shades Of Grey!

There’s a heck of a lot more to BDSM than what’s portrayed in the book, or movie, 50 Shades Of Grey.

Just like marijuana is considered the “gateway drug” to harder drugs, I’d consider 50 Shades Of Grey as the “gateway drug” to better BDSM practices…also, I recommend that couples watch 50 Shades Of Grey together as a way of opening up the discussion about BDSM to try a few things out together…but in no way does this movie represent more than 3% of the BDSM lifestyle and philosophy.

BDSM Myth #3: Only Weird Perverts Participate In BDSM!

If you’ve never dipped your toes into the BDSM swimming pool of kink, and only based your ideas on what you’ve seen in the media, then you’ve probably formulated the opinion that only weirdos, sickcos and sexually perverse people participate in BDSM, but actually nothing could be further from the truth.

BDSM participants can be happy, healthy, open-minded and ready to explore their sexual identities, as well as being less judgmental on people with sexual preferences other than theirs.

BDSM Myth #4: Only Men Can Be Dominants!

One of my close female friends just happens to be a professional dominatrix, and she tells me that just as many men prefer submissive roles as they do dominate roles.

As you get started on your BDSM journey don’t be afraid to test out both submissive and dominant roles so you can discovery which role brings you the most pleasure.

BDSM Myth #5: Submissives Are Submissive In Their Everyday Lives!

Many powerful CEO’s and other successful professionals tend to switch their real life roles of being “dominant” bosses in their real lives to that of the submissive role player in their BDSM fantasies. It’s a form of relaxation, providing a sense of relief of the burden of being constantly responsible for others in their everyday lives.

BDSM Myth #6: Dominants Are Sadistic & Dangerous!

Dominants obviously do enjoy having power over their submissive, and lead their sessions, but everything is agreed upfront. BDSM relationships are highly consensual and most dominants are only going to practice something the submissive likes and enjoys.

BDSM Myth #7: Only Gay Men Participate In BDSM Anal Play!

This is not true whatsoever. Prostate massage or stimulation by hand or a strap-on brings men very intense feelings equivalent to female G-spot stimulation.

So if you’re a straight man testing out BDSM don’t be affraid to let your lover use a strap-on at least a few times on you so you can enjoy new sexual sensations that you’ve never felt before.

BDSM Myth #8: 100% Of BDSM Sex Is Painful & Aggressive!

From my experiences, BDSM does not always include sexual penetration, and in fact, some BDSM practices forbid sex altogether, such as male and female chastity, and orgasm denial; Orgasm denial is the act of not letting your submissive reach an orgasm just when they are very close to having one.

BDSM Myth #9: Once You Try BDSM The Regular Sex Becomes Too Boring!

This is also not true whatsoever! People that participate in the BDSM lifestyle enjoy regular “vanilla” sex just like everyone else does.

BDSM Myth #10: BDSM Is Abuse!

This is 100% false. BDSM participants establish “safe words” that can be used to inform all participants that it’s time to cool things down if their chosed=n “safe word” is said out loud.

Participants should always talk before, during, and after a scene or moment to make sure everyone is on the same page. BDSM in a healthy, consensual environment is not abuse. It is a physical manifestation of desires and urges, no matter how dark or dangerous.

BDSM Myth #11: BDSM Is For People That Suffer From Depression!

Again, this is false. There’s an odd generalization that people who practice BDSM are somewhat darker and more psychologically damaged. However, a large-scale sexual health study on the mental well-being of those that practiced BDSM compared to those that are maybe sexually more traditional found that BDSM practitioners would have better attachments and relationships than their counterparts. They were also far less anxious, more intimate and far more extroverted, which led to very positive mental health and general happiness.

BDSM Myth #12: BDSM Leads To Infidelity!

Believe it or not but couples that participate in BDSM tend to cheat less because they’re extremely open and honest about their sexual desires with each other which means they don’t have to find someone else to help quench their sexual appetites.

Well I hope that after reading about these myths you’re more open to giving BDSM a go because it really will open up your mind and body to an awareness of sexual gratification that you can only achieve from BDSM role playing experiences.

BDSM Myth #13: BDSM Role Play Requires at Least 2 or More Kinky Participants

Well if you don’t have anyone that is willing to test out BDSM with don’t worry because many people play out bondage scenarios all by themselves in what is known as self-bondage!

Self-bondage requires just one person, and is a great way for BDSM beginners to see if this kinky lifestyle is something they may be interested in.

Simply, self-bondage only requires one individual along with their preferred restraint system such as rope, handcuffs, chains, plastic wrap, straight jackets, sacks, latex, rubber, and even something as simple as tape to name a few.

Now, since you are alone, self-bondage is considered extremely dangerous, so make sure to start slow because the risks of self-bondage can include cutting off blood circulation if anything is too tight, suffocation or death by autoerotic asphyxiation, tissue and nerve damage, and even dehydration due to intense sweating. So if you are interested in testing out self-bondage make sure you are practice, practice, and practice some more before you get too aggressive.

Self-Bondage Safety Guidelines

Proper planning, extensive research, and knowing everything these is to know about your restraints are just a few ways to make sure you stay safe during self-bondage.

One example of staying safe during self-bondage is to freeze your handcuff’s key in some ice…when the ice melts your key will be released and allow you to easily escape…but make sure to research everything you plan on doing ahead of time so that you don’t cause serious harm, or even die.

Others ways to stay safe during self-bondage include: never restrain your entire body, play in surroundings you already know, avoid anything that involves retraining your neck or head, never do drugs or drink alcohol because you need to be in your BEST mindset, and always know what your limits are!

2 Types of Self-Bondage: Strict vs. Sensual

Strict self-bondage is more risky than sensual because you reply on third party mechanisms to allow you to be released from your restraints, and beginners should never start out with strict self-bondage until they have mastered sensual self-bondage.

Sensual self-bondage allows you to escape from your restraints in as simple and quickly of a manner as possible…for example, if you handcuff yourself you will have the key within reach, or even use handcuffs that don’t require a key to allow yourself to be released.

Once again, all self-bondage rookies need to practice and master sensual self-bondage before testing out strict self bondage!

Self-Bondage BDSM Gear & Devices for Rookies & Advanced Kinksters

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you’re new to the world of BDSM role play you’re going to need the correct gear and devices to help you start out on your kinky journey, and the Selfbondage Shop is the place that I recommend anyone new to BDSM should get ALL of their self-bondage restraints and gear from!

Honestly, the Selfbondage Shop ONLY offers the very best selection of self-bondage gear and devices sold anywhere online, or offline, in the world today!

Also, if you’re a seasoned BDSM veteran please visit today and add something new to your self-bondage arsenal.

About Selfbondage Shop

Selfbondage tools like you’ve never seen them before, handmade in Berlin!

While the classic market is well stocked with bondage utensils, there is a lack of solutions for a good part of bondage practitioners: simple, easy to use and safe utensils to tie you up.

Instead of all sorts of handicraft solutions from the Internet, it is advisable to invest in a well-engineered, tried-and-tested solution. This reduces the preparation time and at the same time the risk of forgetting something.

Due to their own preferences, Selfbondage Shop has a feel for what makes their customers tick and try to find the ideal technical solution in the form of new products.

They have been offering locks for five years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. If I’ve piqued your interest, then please visit the Selfbondage Shop today so you can learn everything there is to know about self-bondage!

Jenny’s Favorite Self-Bondage Devices

No matter what type of restraint you’re desiring, you will be certain to find it at Selfbondage Shop!

Quality and customer satisfaction is what matters the most to the people who run and operate Selfbondage Shop, and they want to help people explore their sexuality safely, make their sex life’s happier, and promote sexual health with a positive and respectful approach.

Below I have listed 4 items that you can purchase at that are sure to make your BDSM journey as pleasurable as possible.

MagBound® Premium

Do you want the complete self bondage experience? Then you need MagBound® Premium BigPack- The magnetic time lock and all accessories that are available for it. In this way you can not only captivate yourself, but also realize almost all conceivable scenarios.

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MagBound® Premium self-bondage time lock

Tie yourself up using the innovative magnetic time lock, safe, easy and comfortable to use. Bring your favorite scenarios to life!

The MagBound® Premium time lock has a very durable housing made of aluminium alloy with a high grade surface finish.

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Smart Timer for MagBound® Time Lock

The smart timer gets everything out of your MagBound® time lock and enables exquisite selfbondage sessions. Set the closing time to the minute with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or smart TV. View the remaining time on any device. Now exclusively with random mode!

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Ice Lock

Start your selfbondage session with this innovative time lock. Attach handcuffs, zip ties, or ropes to the two ends. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

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Well I hope that I’ve cleared up some BDSM myths for you so that you can really give this kinky lifestyle a serious try!

And please, I beg ALL of you to visit the Selfbondage Shop today and check out their AMAZING selection of restraints and bondage gear they have that will help you fulfill ALL of your kinky self-bondage role playing fantasies!

My Body Looks PERFECT…Thanks to Belle D’Amour!

A few years ago, I was given two pieces of advice that I continue to follow to this day….

1) If you’re going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, because realistically you spend a large portion of your life sleeping, and its essential that you get the best bed you can afford.

2) Only purchase high quality & luxurious lingerie that is sexy because you wear lingerie to look and feel sexy, and cheap lingerie looks cheap, and the not the good kind of “cheap” that you want with lingerie.


Lingerie Improves Intimacy…

When you’re wearing lingerie, you feel sexy, in control, in charge. Your partner will find watching you in lingerie arousing. The trick here is not to get lingerie that they like. You need to get pieces that you feel confident in. I love my big booty, so I always get lingerie that shows off my ass!

Lingerie Can Hide Flaws…

As mentioned above lingerie has the benefit of hiding those particular marks that you want hidden. It gives you the opportunity to hide those ones and show off your best assets. If you love your ass like I do, then get a lingerie piece that highlights that, if legs are your main thing then show them off with some fishnets, or a low cut skirt. If your breasts are your pride and joy then consider a bra cut out option, or something with an underwire, or if they’re too big for an underwear something sheer or lacy.

Lingerie Improves Your Mood…

When you’re feeling more confident and sexy, your mood will change. That’s why I wear new lingerie when I’m feeling down, it’s an instant mood booster and will leave you feeling more confident with your life in general.

Lingerie Makes Sex More Fun…

I love showing off my body in lingerie right before letting someone take it off for me. Nothing is hotter than bending over in front of a guy with your booty in his face asking him to slowly remove your lingerie with his mouth. If you have never done this, then you need to do it.

Lingerie Makes Pleasuring Yourself Sexy…

Owning lovely pieces that are worn under the clothes is one way that entices me to want to masturbate with a vibrator when I’m by myself.

Lingerie Makes Holiday Sex More Fun…

I love wearing sexy Santa themed lingerie during this time of the year! You might look like a “Ho, Ho, Ho”, but your man’s yule tide log will never get bigger when he sees you dressed up like a slutty Santa!

Make Sure To Buy The Best Lingerie..

Finally, make sure you buy the best lingerie available. Sexy & EXTREMELY classy lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive, but you really have to know where the best lingerie is sold, and in my opinion the sexiest & classiest lingerie is sold at the online luxury women’s boutique Belle D’Amour!

Feel Confident. Feel Beautiful. Feel Unique. Feel Sexy. Feel Naughty.

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Belle D’Amour has something dynamic for everyone! No matter your shape or size, Belle D’Amour is your one stop shop for everything, all styles and erotic bedroom intimates!

So if you’re a woman that wants to own the latest and sexiest lingerie possible, or a man seeking the perfect gift for his lady, then take a moment to view ALL of the lingerie collections over at Belle D’Amour!

Seriously, if you want to turn up the heat in your bedroom, then visit Belle D’Amour today so that tonight can be as HOT as possible!

With a focus on exquisite fabrics, styles, cuts, unique designs from classic to cutting edge, the looks are totally inspired by you, for you! The confidant & sexy woman. Most of Belle D’Amour’s pieces have been well thought of and choice of fabrics as well as trims placed particularly where they are for a reason, you will fall in love with yourself all over again!

But Belle D’Amour is more than just lingerie…You see, Belle D’Amour believes that a woman can and should be her most beautiful self no matter when and where she is, and their catalogue of designs refelcts this philosophy. At Belle D’Amour a woman can shop for Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Bodysuits, Jumpsuits, Swimwear, Cover Ups, and of course Lounge & Lingerie!

More About Belle D’Amour

Treat yourself and enter our world and discover the secret of becoming a Belle D’Amour woman. Elegant yet provoking. Graceful yet provocative. Angelic with a hint of danger and mystery. The Belle D’Amour woman is always an enigma; she seduces by revealing just enough: hinting at her secrets and leaving the rest to the imagination. What is revealed matters just as much as what is chosen not to be exposed.

Belle D’Amour’s Philosophy

Pure and simply stated, you get what you put in….give it your best and only good can come from it. Understandably, we have good and bad days as well as fantastic experiences and horrible ones, but the light within is always there. We choose to snuff it out….Nothing significant happens when we hold back…..thus..…Presence is born….YOu have discovered yourself.

Belle D’Amour’s Lingerie

Lingerie to Belle D’Amour is like jewelry – it’s all beautiful – but some you like more than others. It is always a good reason to treat yourself – it is always a good thing to be spoiled – Belle D’Amour is very feminine, delicate, provocative, flirtatious, beautiful, sexy and luxurious. It will make you feel exactly like that – made with the finest materials – Come Discover Belle D’Amour!

Belle D’Amour Believes in EMPOWERMENT

Belle D’Amour believes that sexy and erotic garments are not to just be taken off. They are meant to provoke her alluring Goddess spirit. At Belle D’Amour they stand for seduction… For playfulness… For passion… For power… For control… And for love.

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Jenny’s TOP Belle D’Amour Lingerie Picks!!

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Cocktails & Conversation – White (Lounge & Lingerie)

COCKTAILS & CONVERSATIONS…Fashionistas, Influencers and Trendsetters…This is the perfect match for you! Cocktails & Conversation is a truly unique and eye catching 2 Pc set made with fine imported materials. This set gives new meaning to the word “SEXY”! The slightly higher waisted skirt is made to create the perfect hour glass shape and the lace bra is the cherry on top. You will feel absolutely gorgeous and stunning once you slip this little number on. This is one of their BEST SELLERS….You will want it in all 3 colors!!! Cocktails & Conversation. So appropriately named and you never know where it will lead, results will vary, but for sure the conversation will be engaging, clever, aggressive, imaginative, quick-witted and fun as hell!

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Desire Chemise – Black

DESIRE Chemise is a luxurious change from a classic baby doll with its unique soft strips and look. Sexy and Romantic eyelash lace over mesh feature delicate shaped cups creating a flattering figure. The strips on the body creates a gorgeous silhouette and makes the Desire Chemise perfect for luxury behind closed bedroom doors. The combination of the stretch tulle and strategically positioned strips make for a superior shaping and amazing silhouette. The stunning eyelash lace “V” back detail is the designer’s touch to this collection piece. You will feel cherished and as if the world is yours when you slip into the Belle D’Amour Desire Chemise, perfect for a special evening, a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or ….just because.

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Why Should I use Lube with My Sex Toys?

With the rise of sex toys, another industry has taken a strong standing. Lube is preferred with
almost every kind of sex toy out there. It provides great sensation and warmth. It is preferred
by the sex experts and they recommend their clients to use it with sex toys. Why? Let’s have
a look at the benefits of using lube with sex toys .

  1. Lube Can Be Used with Anything
    Almost every single type of sex toy can be used with lube. It is preferable for any
    gender, age, and sex. It is great in masturbation too. It can be applied to almost every
    body part. There is such a huge variety of lube in the market that you find lots of
    options to chose from. Oil, water, silicone-based, and others are great.
  2. Enhances the Sensations
    Lube doesn’t let you run dry. It can be used anytime during sexual intercourse,
    foreplay, or just for solo fun. Different flavors add to the sensation and it creates an
    extra pleasure layer. The cooling effect makes it interesting. Many lubes help in
    delayed ejaculation in males. Even condoms can be used with lube. In fact, with lube,
    you will be able to feel more natural.
  3. Anal Sex With Lube is Great
    Believe us when we say that if you are going for that anal area, use lube. It will
    enhance the sensations and also ease the overall process. It provides a relaxing effect
    during anal intercourse and makes things smooth to penetrate. Pleasurable experience
    all around with lube during anal sex is the thing to go for.
  4. Safe Sex
    Lube is known for reducing friction leading to the lessening of injury factors during
    sex. When you use lube with condoms, don’t let it tear down or fall off, thus
    increasing your protectiveness. Safe sex with lube is fun and enjoyable.
  5. Fun Foreplay
    There are so many creative ideas you can implement with lube during foreplay. It
    makes it pretty interesting and allows things to go in the right direction. When she is
    not feeling wet enough down there, lube can get things moving. And vaginal dryness
    is not related to sexual excitement, it’s just normal. Lube can help you to get the right
  6. Great with Sex Toys
    Research shows that using lube with sex toys creates many pleasurable sensations in
    the body and reduces the risk of injury. There are so many things you can do with the
    combination of sex toys and lube. Use it and allow yourself to enjoy the sex.


Lube is a great invention. With many flavors and types out there, picking the right one is the
key. Use different lubes during your sexual routine and find out the difference. You will
realize that it is a nice thing that makes sex safer and more fun. So why don’t just jump into
it right now? Why wait, order some lube and let the action happen. Take our advice, use
silicone one for starting and see for yourself.

Best Male Sex Toys: A Guide to the Most Popular Pocket Vagina

What are pocket pussies?
A device that imitates the female sex organ is known as an artificial vagina. Pocket pussy is
basically exactly what the name implies l, but perhaps that’s unsurprising. It’s a pussy that can
be used anywhere, at any time. It will usually be manufactured of a soft substance,
use with lubrication, and heated sometimes to do enjoy the stimulation.
Pocket Pussies are available in a range of designs and lengths, but they always have a few
fundamental characteristics. They are normally fashioned like a circular duct (commonly
referred to as the casing) and also have a smooth, mushy interior . One end is usually blocked
off. The real fun begins on the other extreme. A vagina is formed into the soft inner tubing at
the very top of the tube.

There is huge variation from pocket pussy to pocket pussy, the cases and sleeves might be
rather varied. Casing might include a variety of supplementary amenities, such as spaces for
vibrating sex toys or even vacuum systems, which can alter your enjoyment. Similarly, sleeves
come in a wide range of styles. Plain tubes are the most basic, but several are created with
twists, bumps, and ridges to provide you a unique sensation depending on which one you use.
What is the size of Pocket pussies?

The prosthetic vagina usually features a sleeve where the penis can be inserted and has a
realistic or almost genuine look. The sleeves, often known as a “vaginal tunnels,” is Ten to
Twenty cm (4 – 6 inch) in length and can include an opening for insertion of a vibratory bullet if
any customer desires.

Why one should use pocket pussy?
 A pocket pussy is a device used to achieve orgasm and arousal by simulating the feeling
of sexual contact on the hard cock. Moving elements, such as vibrators, are frequently
used to boost excitement rather than exactly replicate a female’s genitals.
 When you’re suffering through a severe drought, it’s easy to become bored to
masturbate  with your own hand. Pocket pussies add variety to your stimulation
experiences by closely resembling the real thing. You can also indulge in more vigorous
cunnilingus with them. Instead of using it on your penile, you can arrange it such that
you can have intercourse with it like you would with a real guy. You can do this by
inserting your pocket pussy among your door frame and bed, or by purchasing a hard

plastic attachment that allows you to hang it on the bathroom wall. You can rehearse all
of your techniques ahead of time, and if you’re nervous about performing, be sure you’d
know what you’ve been doing.

 They do not really have to be used for masturbating! Taking it into the room with your
spouse, just like any other sex toy, is a terrific way to brighten up your sexual
experience. Instead, your lover can use it on you, removing all power from you . They’re
also a good back-up for when a vaginal or anal becomes uncomfortable or irritates but
the male isn’t quite completed. Your spouse can shift to the tiny vagina(pocket
pussy) and satisfy you without causing them any more discomfort.

Pocket pussies come in all shapes and sizes, just like female’s true vaginal organs. There
have been numerous styles and shapes to choose from to meet your specific
requirements. They will be divided into three groups in general:
 Vagina like: These are the most well-known type of pocket pusies and have
received the most attention from manufacturers and producers. Whatever type
of pussy you want to try, you’ll be able to discover anything that suits your

 Mouth like: Mouth-shaped pocket pussies are meant to mimic the sensation of
receiving a blowout. There are several different designs available, some with
only lips and others including  tongue or teeth for a more realistic simulation.
Some mouth-like pocket pussies even feature sucking capabilities, which adds to
the authenticity of the blowjob.

 Anus like: Ideal for individuals who want to try out a new pleasure. To use an
anal pocket pussy might be much firmer and more passionate than using a
vagina, resulting in some completely different sensations. They’re also useful if
you’d like to attempt anal but your spouse isn’t interested.
How does it make you feel?

The first thing any interested man will want to know about a pocket pussy is how it
feels. A pocket pussy must, in theory,  make you feel exactly like a real mouth, vagina
or anus. Because some devices are higher quality or more realistically shaped than
others, your own experience will most likely differ based on your device. Even some of
the most lifelike and very well  pocket pussy will almost probably feel different from real

Which material one should prefer?

As a sex toy , the prosthetic vagina is made from various materials that mimic the
sensation of real skin. Artificial vaginas are made of soft and flexible materials that may
suit a variety of dick size.
o Cyberskin, Extremely real or Futurotic (combination of silicone and polyvinyl
chloride) and other patent polymers – realistic toys providing real feeling
materials that require specific care before and after use due to their porous
nature. This material are also sensuous and fluffy from the branded lines.
o Plants (veggies and fruits) – hollow cucumbers, peels of bananas, plantains, and
other products that are plentiful, inexpensive, and have a fleshy texture.
o Elastomer  — a durable, versatile, and tenacious substance. Cleaning is tough
due to the porous rubber.
o Soft plastic (PVC) — a popular sex toy material with a jelly-like sensation and a
phthalate odour.
o Latex (plant-derived natural rubber) — a malleable polymer that might trigger
allergy responses in some people.
o Thermoplastic elastomer(TPE) – The most prevalent and less expensive
alternative to silicone for making dolls.
o Because the materials listed above are all porous, they require extra attention
and cleaning to prevent bacterial growth. Suppliers suggest using a condom
when using them to protect them. Artificial vaginas manufactured of silicone,
which, while more expensive, are not porous in nature and can be sterilised after
cleansing with a mild detergent or heating, are less of a worry.
Apply a small amount of lubricant to the penis and vagina before playing with it. Push
the dick gently at first, then increase the speed as desired.
Cleanliness and maintenance:

  1. Apply a small amount of body wash to the pussy and vaginal area, rub it in with your
    hands, and then rinse thoroughly.
  2. Apply talcum powder on pussy and vaginal area after drying with COLD air from hair
  3. When it’s completely dry, place it in a storage bag and keep it somewhere cold and

Honeysx Recommended:Top 4 the Most Popular Pocket Pussy Sex Toys In 2021:

 TRYFUN Sakura Disguised Lover Series Realistic Vaginas
Realistic Vaginas from Sakura Disguised Lover Series made up of TPE gives you a
magnificent exotic sexual sensation, novel role – playing with actual human accent, with
170mm×100mm×75mm size.It is intern living next door, with pink waist length hair.
After receiving the package, scanning the hidden file card to assist in gaining access to
the gorgeous lady’s unique dubbing.Sakura seeks assistance late at night. Her gentle
voice reaches your ears and melts you. Inside, a deep affection rises. At 12 a.m., gently
nudging the partially doorway, you see Sakura is distinctive from what she appears to be
during the day. With her innocence eroding, she appears elegant and attractive. Its total
price is $59.99.

 TRYFUN Yedda Disguised Lover Series Realistic Vaginas
It is a white collard female boss made up TPE and its size is 170mm×100mm×75mm.
They use their two identities to hide and conceal oneself between many people during
the day and then appear as someone else at night. During night, they locate their prey.
No one is immune to their enticement.Yedda jolts awake and rushes towards you,
threatening but seductive.It smells just like a lady’s body after a bath, with an appealing
mild body scent and no unpleasant plastic odour.Steep tunnels with a nominal thickness
and a powerful sensation of invagination,  with 3 dimensional arousing protrusions. Its
total price is $49.90


 DRYWELL Japanese Actress Inverted Model
It’s comprised of high-quality materials, including a lightweight ABS shell and sleek, 100
percent Body-Safe TPE interior that’s non-toxic, durable, and body-safe. Its size is
24.115.312cm.It comes with Threefold Pleasure Large Boobs, Alluring pussy, Tightly
sealed  Anus. It gives you intense pleasure by offering real Sucking Experience with
Vaginal mouth and true feeling while insertion.You can enjoy it in a wet environment
because it’s made of 100% waterproof material.It features a three dimensional pattern
and curved particles inside to give you more true sensation, and it fits any penis size. Its
total price is 53.99$


 DRYWELL Japanese Star Masturbator (Asahi Mizuno) Model
You can experience the caress of a famous porn star with this toy’s actual build, which
depicts Asahi Mizuno’s tight seductive hips with twin channels. Its actual size is
241MM153 MM120MM With its front posture and thicker texture, it arouses your
limitless sex drive. Big Boobs, Lovely Vagina, and Sleek Anus are all part of the Triple
Pleasure package. When the penis is inserted into it, it gives you a real-life sex feeling.

It’s best if you use it with lubricating oil, which you’ll need to buy separately.

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain..thanks to Helmet Grease!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain

Many people think that since I attend swinger parties ,and am currently on a mission to have sex with 1,000 men that I meet on Tinder, that I must be an anal sex pro, but just because I’m a slut doesn’t mean that I have a lot of anal sex.

To be honest I use to be scared of having anal sex, and before this whole COVID-19 quarantine started last early, I started having more and more of it, and now I LOVE having anal sex almost as much as traditional vaginal banging! Seriously, taking a wiener in the booty can be extremely pleasurable..and in this article I’m going to explain how all women, and men for that matter, can enjoy all the pleasures of anal sex without any of the pain with the help of a premium anal sex lubricant called Helmet Grease!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain3

Also, most chicks, including myself, are very scared about having anal sex because we worry about going “number 2” on our man’s wiener while he’s banging away on our booty, and we also worry about it how painful it could be. So today I’d love to share some booty banging tips with all of you couples out there thinking about trying anal sex for the first time.

Tips for Banging the Female Booty..Pay ATTENTION to Tips 4, 5 & 7!!!

Anal Sex Tips 12

Anal Sex Tip #1: #1-Start In The Slow Lane Dudes…

Anal Sex Tips 199

Listen guys, I know you’re going to be very excited the first time you enter your girl’s booty hole, and you may start going fast…DON’T DO THAT!!!

Make sure you go very slowly the first few times you have anal sex, and leave it up to your chick to tell you how fast or slow to go.

Anal Sex Tip #2: Ladies Decide When To Increase the Speed Limit!

Anal Sex Tips 111

I’m just repeating what I already stated above, but it’s very important that the lady with the big wiener in her buttonhole enforces the speed limit ion the Anal Sex Highway.

So ladies, don’t be quiet when having anal sex, make sure you go slow the first few times until you know exactly what speed feels the best.

Anal Sex Tip #3: Go #2 Before You Start So You Don’t Ruin Your Sheets!

Anal Sex Tips 110

Everyone needs to understand that when you play with the booty a “number 2” may come out and interrupt the party…so no one should be shocked or embarrassed if a “number 2” joins the party when you’re having anal sex.

The best way to help keep a “number 2” from messing things up in the bedroom is to go to the bathroom at least 2 hours ahead of time.

Anal Sex Tip #4: Lube Up For Some Foreplay!

Anal Sex Tips 144

The best way to start your anal sex adventure is to play with your lady’s buttonhole by licking and fingering it slowly for a good 10 to 20 minutes before you even think about sliding your wiener into her booty….and make sure that you use a LOT of PREMIUM anal sex lube during the foreplay process! Trust me, YOU CAN NEVER USE ENOUGH LUBE when taking a hard wiener up your booty!

Anal Sex Tip #5: If You Think You’ve Applied Enough Lube Then Apply More!

Anal Sex Tips 19

Seriously, make sure you have a LOT of personal lubricant for sex available for your anal sex adventures…and make sure you use a LOT of lube while having anal sex. Lube really is the key to making anal sex enjoyable for both the man and the woman…And again, make sure that the lube is always warm!

Anal Sex Tip #6: Don’t Go From The Booty To The Vagina…

Anal Sex Tips 1

It’s very easy for us ladies to get a UTI (urinary tract infections) from sex sessions where anal sex is involved because many guys don’t understand that it’s not a good idea to go into a woman’s vagina after already having it in her booty.

So guys, make sure to wash your wiener after you have anal sex with your lady before trying to insert it in her vagina.

And ladies, most guys have no clue about this, so make sure you tell your man to not play with your vagina after he’s feasted on the booty buffet you just served him.

Anal Sex Tip #7 (Same as #4 & #5): Always Use Premium Personal Lubrication!

Make sure you ALWAYS use Helmet Grease when experimenting with anal sex! Trust me, anal sex is a heck of a LOT more pleasurable when your booty isn’t dry! Helmet Grease also has a Hybrid Anal Lube formula that looks just like cum…and it’s so DAMN HOT!

About Helmet Grease

Your arsenal deserves a great polish! Made in the U. S. A. but created for the worldly man, Helmet Grease Arsenal Polish focuses on four main uses for personal lubricants. One lube designed for maximum pleasure by both partners whilst feverishly shagging. Another lube especially formulated for those nights and mornings when you just feel like polishing your own knob – no Thank You note required. A completely natural lube that feels like liquid silk. Try to edge with this one – you’ll lose every time!

Also, a Hybrid that looks and feels just like spooge. Its uses are only limited by your own imagination. By joining the Helmet Grease brotherhood, you’re guaranteed an amazing sexual experience every time! And no more being embarrassed at the check-out line! Additionally, they have created a forum so you can share your Helmet Grease experiences with your fellow sexual warriors.

elmet Grease Created by Men for Men…But Women Love It Too!

Yes, Helmet Grease was created for men, and by men, but Helmet Grease is also the BEST lube for women to use when enjoying anal sex as well! I suggest that both men and women ONLY use Helmet Grease for ALL of they anal sex, and sex toy masturbation needs! Seriously, anal sex will feel so much more AMAZING when Helmet Grease is involved!

Anal Sex Tip #8: Start In The Doggy Style Position…

Anal Sex Tips 133

The doggy style position is the best position for all anal sex rookies to start in. I also think it feels the best anyway, and honestly, don’t try any positions you’ve seen in porn clips, those are pros, and they probably wish they only had anal sex in the doggy style position anyway.

Anal Sex Tip #9: Ladies Should Masturbate When A Wiener Is In Their Booty…

Anal Sex Tips 17

I always masturbate during anal sex for a couple of reasons: First, it feels really good, and second, it will take your mind off of any pain you will probably feel the first few times you have anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #10: Don’t Get Too Drunk The First Few Times You Have Anal Sex…

Anal Sex Tips 18

This is for both men and women alike….if you’re too drunk you might get hurt for a number of reasons…you may go too fast, not use enough lube, or go from booty to vagina….I suggest no more than 1 to 2 drinks the first few times you attempt anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #11: Be Super Clean Ladies Before and After…

Anal Sex Tips 16

Ladies please make sure you really wash your booty before having anal sex…and guys, make sure to really clean your wiener after anal sex. I love giving guys bus after they punned me from behind, and the cleaner I am before having anal sex will mean his wiener will taste better after we’re finished having anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #12: Clip & File Your Finger Nails…

Anal Sex Tips 122

Okay guys, since you’ll be using your fingers to loosen up your lady’s booty please make sure your nails are clipped and filed so you don’t cut her butt hole….also, your nails should always be clipped and filed no matter what because long finger nails are super gross.

Anal Sex Tip #13: Not Everyone Is Going To Love Anal Sex, But Give It A Chance…

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain 2

Anal sex can be painful, messy, and scary the first few times, but it can also be fun, pleasurable, and exciting if you follow the advice that I’ve laid out in this article.

I hated anal sex the first few times trying it out, but now I really enjoy it, but it did take me a few times to figure it out…so I suggest that all of you ladies out there try having anal sex at least 5 times before calling it quits. And MOST importantly, and I SERIOUSLY cannot stress this enough, make sure to use one of Helmet Grease’s personal lubricant formulas so that you NEVER feel any pain while having anal sex!

Jenny, which Helmet Grease formula is the BEST for anal sex?

Honestly, all of Helmet Grease’s products are perfect for anal sex, vaginal sex, and for using sex toys, but my TOP 3 favorite formulas are listed below…


Helmet Grease Pure Silicone Lubricant is a proprietary blend of four silicones created for long lasting (longer than two minutes guys) sexual pleasure. Whether you’re having sex with yourself, toys or a partner(s), Helmet Grease Pure Silicone Lubricant is the perfect lube for your arsenal. It’s safe for use with condoms and toys. (Not for PVC toys) It’s glycerin and paraben free and is tasteless and odorless. Helmet Grease Pure Silicone Lubricant won’t dry out and its super slick formula feels great on your helmet, sword and sheath!

Visit Helmet Grease to learn more about their PURE SILICONE LUBRICATION!


Helmet Grease Premium Water Based Lubricant is a breakthrough formula unparalleled in the personal lubricant industry. Smooth and slick, it feels like a pure silicone lubricant. It is the perfect mate for your entire arsenal. Helmet Grease Premium Water Based Lubricant is safe for oral, is non-sticky, and cleans up with water!

Visit Helmet Grease to learn more about their WATER BASED LUBRICATION!


Helmet Grease Premium Hybrid Lubricant is a unique blend of water and silicones that resembles the look and feel of, you guessed it — SPOOGE. No precum, no problem! Helmet Grease Premium Hybrid will lube up your helmet, and SWORD, for that award-winning entrance that you’ve always been looking for. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, Helmet Grease Premium Hybrid lubricant will ensure you have LOADS of fun!

Visit Helmet Grease to learn more about their HYBRID LUBRICATION!


Helmet Grease Natural Lubricant and Massage Oil is an amazing blend of organic avocado oil and organic virgin coconut oil. It’s chemical free and edible…and we don’t mean on salads. Helmet Grease Natural Lubricant is free from silicone, glycerin, and parabens as well as hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Helmet Grease Natural Lubricant can be used with condoms containing polyurethane, nitric polyisoprene and CF2. (Not to be used with LATEX). Helmet Grease Natural Lubricant and Massage Oil feels so good polishing your helmet, it will become your favorite toss off partner! HUGE additional benefit with Helmet Grease Natural Lubricant and Massage oil. Did you know that massaging your partners breasts on a regular basis will increase their size? And what is the best oil to use on the breasts to increase size? Helmet Grease Coconut oil! Warm it up and massage away! You’re welcome!

Visit Helmet Grease to learn more about their NATURAL LUBRICATION AND MASSAGE OIL!

All this anal sex talk is making my body tingle….I think I might need to call someone over tonight and tell them to bring some Helmet Grease with them so they can pound away on my booty!

Please share with me any booty sex tips that you think couples new to anal sex might benefit from; you can email these tips to me, or post them in the comments section

Bite The Fruit Anal Toys Will Make Your Booty SMILE from Cheek-To-Cheek!

If you have a butt hole, and if you’re a living being then you have at least one of them attached to your booty, then you really should consider getting yourself some of the best anal sex toys to play with it.

I know all of you “straight” men reading this are thinking to yourselves that anal sex toys are strictly for gay men, and I know that all of you ladies reading this are thinking to yourselves that the only women who use anal play toys are “sluts”, and in both cases nothing could be further from the truth because anal sex toys are extremely beneficial to all men and women, straight, gay, slutty, or conservative in nature.

Have You Ever Had a Thought of how Anal Sex Feels?

Well you don’t have to actually try anal sex with another person in order to experience the pleasures of anal sex; all you need to do is experiment with the right types of anal sex toys and devices.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys for Women & Men

Before I recommend any anal sex toys for you to start playing with, let’s first discuss what the benefits of playing with your butt hole are!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #1: Intense Anal Orgasms

Anal orgasms can be intense; this is because the anus is packed with loads and loads of sensitive nerve endings, some of which are connected to the genitals.

For men anal sex can stimulate the prostate and lead to an orgasm, and prostate orgasms are intense enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure from head to toe.

For women, anal sex hits both the G-spot and A-spot which are both located along the vaginal wall but can be indirectly stimulated during anal; both the G-spot and the A-spot have the potential to produce full-body orgasms. Best of all though, using anal sex toys leads to squirting and female ejaculation.

If you’re a woman who has never enjoyed a squirting orgasm then you really MUST try anal sex with the correct toy/device as soon as possible so you can understand what you’ve been missing out on.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #2: You Control the Speed and Depth

Just like any other sex toy, anal sex toys allow both men and women to experiment in ways that allow them to control how fast, how deep, and how long the anal sex experience will be.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of having anal sex before then you have no idea if you’ll enjoy it or not, and anal sex toys give you the opportunity to practice on yourself before you allow someone else to have their way with your booty.

Practicing anal sex with toys will enable you to tell your partner what they should and should not do with your butthole.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #3: Keeps Your Bowel Movements Regular

Bowel movements are NOT sexy, well some people get turned on by them, but they are extremely important to your overall health, and as much as people really don’t like discussing their bowel movements, it is important to mention that anal play does a great job of clearing you out which is extremely helpful in keeping your entire body healthy!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #4: Spices Up Your Sex Life

Even though anal sex toys are a lot more common than before, it’s still just taboo enough to bring in that element of naughtiness that can kick your arousal level into high gear.

Couples should use anal sex toys on each other in the bedroom to spice things up a bit! Most straight men will at first be worried about what their woman thinks of them as they’re getting their butt played with, but once you feel all of the pleasures that come with anal play you’ll quickly care less about what anyone thinks.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #5: Exploration, Exploration, Exploration!

You have no idea how pleasurable a part of your body can feel until you explore it. Anal sex toys offer a completely different sensation than any other type of sex you’ve felt before, and breaking away from your usual by using anal sex toys are the perfect way to keep things interesting in the bedroom with your partner of when you’re playing solo!

Health Benefits Provided By Anal Sex Toys!

Yes, anal sex toys provide a LOT of pleasure, but playing with your booty provides the body with many health benefits as well, so if you really want to keep the doctor away but down that apple and pick up an anal toy instead!

Finally, Your Butthole, Your Decision: The Decision is Yours & Yours Alone!

You choose what you consent to and whom with. Don’t let a partner pressure you into trying anal sex, or any type of sex for that matter, if you’re not completely sure you want it, and that’s why anal sex toys are so important because they allow you to first see what you enjoy, or don’t enjoy about anal sex play before you try it with another person!

How to Properly Use an Anal Sex Toy!

If you’re new to the world of anal sex toys, then please make sure to follow the below anal sex toy tips so that you enjoy all of the pleasures of anal play with as little pain as possible:

Anal Sex Toy Tip #1: Flared Base Is Important

Make sure that you use an anal sex toy that has a flared base. A flared base is normally too large to fit inside of the anus so you can only push the toy in a certain amount before it just stops. Flat, round bases are a great way to ensure that the vibrator won’t get stuck where it’s not supposed to be.

If you’re an anal sex veteran then flared bases aren’t as important, but if you’re a rookie then you really need that flared base or you may end up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with your doctor as they pull a non-flared base sex toy out of your booty!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #2: Angles are Important

When inserting an anal sex toy or device for the first time try doing so at a slight angle; don’t just insert it at a perfect 90-degree angle; instead, angle it just slightly as you’re inserting it into the anus. Naturally, insert it with the point going inward first.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #3: Non-porous Materials Are Best

Look for anal sex toys or anal sex devices made out of non-porous materials that are specifically labeled as “body-safe.” This includes materials such as tempered glass, silicone, and even stainless steel. Another advantage to choosing anal sex toys made of these materials is that they are very easy to clean after you’re finished using them.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #4: Lube, Lube, and More Lube

Always use a lot of lube when your inserting sex toys in your booty…this is NON-NEGOTIONABLE! Do not worry about making a mess, apply TONS of LUBE!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #5: Stay Relaxed at All Times

Make sure that your body is relaxed before inserting your anal sex toy and keep in mind that the anus is not self-lubricating so you may want to try both deep-breathing exercises and some genital stimulation to get you relaxed and more ready for your anal play time.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #6: Pay Attention to Anal Sex Tip #4

Seriously, make sure you use a LOT of ANAL LUBE!

Types of Lubes:

*Water-based lube: This type of lube is easy to clean off of things and is very easily absorbed. However, you usually have to reapply it at least once or twice as you play because it is so easily absorbed.

*Silicone-based lube: Thicker than water-based lube with a gel-like consistency, silicone-based lube is more difficult to clean off of clothing and bed sheets but it also doesn’t have to be reapplied as often as the water-based kind.

Best Place Online To Get Toys for Your Booty

Now that you know EVERYTHING about how to play with your booty it’s time to discuss butt toys, and the best place in my personal opinion to buy anal toys at is Bite The Fruit!

Bite The Fruit is your source for everything bootylicious.

Bite The Fruit is a dedicated ADULTS ONLY sexual wellness boutique to one of the most sensitive parts of our anatomy, your BOOTY.

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Remember, it’s your ass, it’s your choice, so why not reward your booty with a toy from Bite The Fruit‘s selection of yummy anal treats!

More About Bite The Fruit

Bite the Fruit is the adult store that makes adulting fun!

Established in 2012 in Washington, DC, Bite the Fruit is gay-owned, straight-friendly and kink forward.

Bite the Fruit is both an online and offline ADULT’s ONLY sex toy boutique & retailer of adult novelties and provocative apparel. They promote healthy sexual and sensual exploration. They have thoughtfully assembled tantalizing furnishings that titillate, captivate, soothe, sting or whip in just the right way.

Bite the Fruit has AMAZING selections of sex toys for women, sex toys for straight men, sex toys for gay men, sex toys for straight couples, and sex toys for gay couples as well! So please do yourself, or someone you love having sex with, a huge favor and visit Bite the Fruit today!

Jenny’s Favorite Bite The Fruit Anal Goodies

You can’t go wrong with any anal toy you order from Bite The Fruit, but I’d still LOVE to share with you what my TOP 3 favorite goodies to stuff up my booty are from Bite The Fruit’s wide selection of anal treats!

Kinkx Vibrating Butt Plug

Get ready to make your booty smile from cheek-to-cheek with the Kinkx Vibrating Butt Plug!

Kinkx Vibrating Butt Plug – The vibrating butt plug is powerful and easy to use. One button to push, 20 vibration modes of excitement, small, lightweight and fully submersible. 4.58″ x 4.25″. Top ball 1.3″. Bottom ball 1.4″.

Visit Bite The Fruit to learn more about the Kinkx Vibrating Butt Plug!

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Colt Anal Trainer Kit – Firm, pliable, tapered butt plugs. The perfect trainer, providing incremental stages from small to medium to large. Black rubber. GRADUATED SIZES: Start your anal pleasure warm up with the small 4” x 1” (10.25 cm x 2.5 cm) plug, move up to the mid sized 5” x 1.25” (12.75 cm x 3.25 cm) and finally graduate to the 6” by 1.5” (15.25 cm x 3.75 cm).

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FemmeFunn Funn Beads

FemmeFunn Funn Beads – Vibrating flexible anal beads made out 100% high grade silicone with the most powerful motor on the market. This flexible, bendable, vibrating anal beads are in a class of their own! 20 vibration modes. Memory function. 100% water proof. USB rechargeable. Maximum charging time: approximately 3 hours. Single use on a full charge: approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. Do not charge more than 4 hours. 6.5″ x 4.25″.

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No matter what anal treat you want to play with, you will find it online today at Bite The Fruit!

My Booty Looks PERFECT…Thanks to Sling It Bikinis!

A few years ago, I was given two pieces of advice that I continue to follow to this day….

1) If you’re going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, because realistically you spend a large portion of your life sleeping, and its essential that you get the best bed you can afford.

2) Only purchase high quality swimwear that is sexy because you wear swim suits and bikinis to look and feel sexy, and cheap swimwear looks cheap, and the not the good kind of “cheap” that you want to ever be associated with!


Swimwear Improves Intimacy…

When you’re wearing a bikini, you feel sexy, in control, in charge. Your partner will find watching you laying out by the pool arousing. The trick here is not to get swimwear that they like. You need to get one pieces or bikinis that you feel confident in. I love my big booty, so I always wear swim bottoms that shows off my ass!

High Quality Swimwear Can Hide Flaws…

As mentioned above, the right fitting swim bottoms and tops have the benefit of hiding those particular marks that you want hidden. It gives you the opportunity to hide those ones and show off your best ASSets. If you love your ass like I do, then get a bikini that highlights that, if legs are your main thing then show them off with a classy crotchless bikini. If your breasts are your pride and joy then consider wearing a bandeau top sling bikini, which you can purchase online at SLING IT BIKINIS.

Swimwear Improves Your Mood…

When you’re feeling more confident and sexy, your mood will change. That’s why I wear one piece swimsuits or sexy crotchless bikinis at the beach when I’m feeling down, it’s an instant mood booster and will leave you feeling more confident with your life in general.

Classy Swimwear Makes Sex More Fun…

I love showing off my body when I’m by the pool or at the beach, and nothing is hotter than bending over in front of a guy with your booty in his face asking him to slowly remove your bikini bottom with his mouth. If you have never done this, then you need to do it.

Make Sure To Buy ONLY The Best Swimwear..

Finally, make sure you buy the best swimwear available. Sexy & EXTREMELY classy swimwear doesn’t have to be expensive, but you really have to know where the best swimwear is sold, and in my opinion the sexiest & classiest swimwear is sold at the online luxury women’s swimwear & nipple pasties boutique: SLING IT BIKINIS!

Feel Confident. Feel Beautiful. Feel Unique. Feel Sexy. Feel Naughty.

No matter what the occasion is, or reason why you want to feel CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, SEXY & NAUGHTY, then SLING IT BIKINIS has EXACTLY what you’ve been desiring to be seen in while laying out by the pool, partying at a day club, or relaxing at the beach!

Seriously, SLING IT BIKINIS offers fun, sexy & affordable bikinis that are sure to turn up the HEAT!

At SLING IT BIKINIS you’ll find only the sexiest & classiest BIKINIS designed by people who understand how the female body should be defined and displayed at the beach, by the pool, or anywhere a woman wants to be seen in swimwear!

SLING IT BIKINIS is an upper scale swimwear company that not only sells the most luxurious BIKINIS sold anywhere online today, but they also offer fun, sext, and practical nipple pasties to complete your naughty look!

Seriously, no matter what type of sexy bikini you’re on the lookout for, SLING IT BIKINIS will have the EXACT one that you’ve been hoping to wrap around your body, because everything sold at SLING IT BIKINIS will make your body look amazing from head to toe!


The best accessory is always going to be yourself, but if you want to highlight this accessory by being an independent, strong woman that takes no sh*t, you need the best foundations for your needs.

SLING IT BIKINIS recognizes that empowerment is not always easy to muster up inside us, and is something we can even feel a little bit scared by. But the woman that’s inside you, dying to come out, isn’t something you should cover up.


Now if you need some help deciding which one piece and bikinis to start with from SLING IT BIKINIS’ AMAZING selection of swimwear for women, then I’d like to steer your attention toward the 3 NAUGHTY AF numbers below that’ll make you look and feel as sexy and classy as possible no matter where and when you wear them!

LOVECRAFT – Sling Bikini

Combine two parts seductove with a dash of naughty and you have the Lovecraft Sling Bikini! Style this bikini with or without a support strap across the chest for 2 hot looks!

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MIDNIGHT MASS – Sling Bikini

Show off those curves in the CHIC & SEXY Midnight Mass Sling Bikini! The adjustable halter top with back ties and O-Ring detail is sure to add a flirty touch to your naughty number..and best of all, one size fits ALL!

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REBEL YELL – Crotchless Sling Bikini

Make everyone who sees you by the pool, or at the beach, cry “more, more, more, while wearing Sling Bikini’s REBEL YELL. The REBEL YELL is a deep V Crotchless Sling Bikini with hollow top. The REBEL YELL pairs perfectly with a pair of their fun & playful pasties..and YES, one-size fits ALL!

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