Do I Have a MILF Booty?

Okay, I’ve been getting TON of emails from men who tell me that since I’m a mother of 3 that is also a swinger, and that also LOVES bringing women into my bedroom so my hubby can pound away onthe 2 of us at the same time, that I must be a sexy MILF…and yes, I guess I’m a MILF because I have children, but I’m ONLY 27 years old, so I’m not sure if 27 is too young to be considered a MILF!

Here’s a pic of my booty below by the way so you can let me know if I have a MILF’s tush, or if my booty isn’t old enough to be considered a MILF yet…but anyway.

Please reply in the comments sectionif you think I have MILF booty or more of a 27 year old younger looking booty!

I have nothing against ALL of you sexy MILFS out there in the world today, but I guess I’m just not ready to be considered a MILF jst yet. I mean I hope men will still find me sexy enough to want to bang me in 13 years from now when I’m 40 years old, but I’m just not ready to be considered a MILF, but please let me know what you’re real feelings are about my booty…I PROMISE that I’m not “fishing for compliments” or anything of that nature.

And if you’re not subscribed to my blog I really hope you would subscribe because I think you will be entertained while reading my articles!

Actually, I’m going to post a few of my booty pics below that my bunny took of me for our SWINGERS PROFILE for this app we use to meet women for threesomes…By the way, if you ever decide to have a threesome with your significant other, make sure you NEVER have a threesome with the same person more than twice…the reason is because no matter what, you or your significant other will start getting feelings for the third person you introduce into your bedroom for threesome encounters. I would tell you the name of the app we use to meet hot females for threesomes, but I don’t want to give them a free plug…but there are some really great apps and sites you can use to meet women for threesomes!

Here’s another booty pic from our swinger’s and threesome dating profile…

Okay that pic is kinda blurry and doesn’t really show off my goods, but I just LOVE the lingerie set I’m wearing in it! Oh, and if anyone wants to masturbate to my pics that I’m posting here please do because I think that’s actually SUPER hot!

Now this is bar far my FAVORITE booty pic! And just in case you are wondering, no we do not post our faces in the pics on the swinger’s and threesome sites we use…but we ALWAYS FaceTime first with the women we meet on the dating apps and dating sites just to make sure that the women are who they say they are! If you ever do start using apps or sites to meet women for threesomes please make sure you ALWAYS FaceTime with them before you meet them or you may get catfished, and that really sucks!

And this is the pic from our profile page that gets the most likes…so I REALLY DO NOT think that my booty should be consider a MILF booty just yet…but I’ll let everyone reading this be the judge and let me know the truth!

Sorry Guys, But Unlike You, SUCTIONAL Sex Toys Always Give Women The Orgasms They DESIRE!

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine I started using sex toys, especially suctional vibrators, more than EVER before to get me off since I couldn’t meet up with real men to have sex with,….and even though the quarantine is winding down, I’m not sure if I want to EVER trade in my sex toys for a real man’s penis because I have to admit that orgasms from sex toys are more intense, as well as more pleasurable, than what a real man has ever given me!

Sex toys totally have an unfair advantage because they’re man-made and specifically designed to get a woman off, but wow do they give me the best orgasms that I’ve ever had!

For example, sex with a Rose Suctional Vibrator is intense and powerful because you have control over your orgasm…they also have batteries and give off sensations that a man’s tongue, finger or wiener just cannot mimic or maintain.

I’m not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings, or harm the egos of all of you men out there, but I urge all of you women out there reading this today to go and get yourself a new sex toy, preferably a vibrator, so you can have amazing orgasms while being locked up at home during this time of quarantine.

Since you’re already here reading this, let’s examine the female orgasm deeper (no pun intended), and men, pay close attention because even though you think you’ve seen a female orgasm before, you probably haven’t…

The Female Orgasm Up Close & Personal….

Do UFOs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and female orgasms really exist?

The female orgasm should be lumped into the same mysterious category that UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster are filed under because only a few men, throughout all of time, have ever claimed to have seen them in person.

Okay I’m being a little silly, but honestly, most women don’t achieve orgasms while having sex with men. Most of the time, and by most of the time I mean 90% of the time, women only achieve orgasm while masturbating.

The Female Orgasm 101

I hope all of you men out there are ready to take notes, because if you’re ever lucky enough to make a “female orgasm sighting” all the women in your life will be extremely happy!

What Is A Female Orgasm?

Listen up men, the female orgasm is the climactic third phase in the arousal process!

The 4 Phases Of the Female Arousal Process

Phase 1: Excitement

This is the arousal building phase where women start feeling little pings of lust and sweet anticipation as the female body gets ready.

Phase 2: Plateau

The state of steady pleasure where women begin breathing very heavily.

Phase 3: Orgasm

The climactic burst of pleasure and release.

Phase 4: Resolution

Also known as the “come down” where women just want to lay in bed, or when experienced through sex with a partner, they want to be held.

The 5 different Types of Female Orgasms

Women can experience 5 different types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, exercised-induces, sleep-induced, and “other”.

Clitoral Orgasm:

This orgasm is caused by clitoral stimulation, and stimulation of the clitoris is probably the easiest way for most women to experience an orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasm:

No one really knows what is the direct cause of the vaginal orgasm, it could be caused by stimulation of the G-spot, or maybe indirect stimulation of the clitoris, or something else entirely.

Exercise-Induced Orgasm:

Exercise, mainly weight training, cardio, and abdominal-focused exercise.

Orgasm During Sleep:

This one is a mystery, possibly caused by an erotic dream, but sometimes women do have orgasms while asleep.


An “other” orgasm is caused by stimulation of the nipples or anus!

Some Facts About the Female Orgasm…

Female Orgasm Fact #1: Orgasms gets better with age!

Getting older sucks, but at least I have some very intense orgasms to look forward to in my old age!

Female Orgasm Fact #2: Mixing things up can help

It’s so much easier for women to experience orgasm when we engage in a variety of sex acts as opposed to just one act….so always mix in some oral sex while having vaginal or anal sex…and try rubbing the nips while your’re pounding away in the bedroom!

Female Orgasm Fact #3: Orgasms relieve pain!

Whenever I have a headache I notice that it always goes away after I finish masturbating.

So the next time your lady says, “I can’t have sex because I have a horrible headache”, you should say, “Well babe, the Love Doctor is in because I’m gonna pound that headache out of your brain with some orgasm inducing sex”

Female Orgasm Fact #4: Happy Girl = Happy Orgasms

The happier a woman is the better chances are that she’ll achieve an orgasm during sex with a partner.

So guys, if you want to improve your chances of making your girl achieve an orgasm then you really need to treat her good and make sure she is happy.

Female Orgasm Fact #5: The female orgasm takes time to cook!

Time is probably the main reason why most men have never seen the female orgasm in person, because unlike men who can blow a load after 2 pumps (trust me I’ve had a guy cum after just 2 pumps in my vag) it takes us ladies sometimes as long as 20 minutes before we’re ready to achieve an orgasm.

Female Orgasm Fact #6: 80% of men who’ve seen a female orgasm really haven’t!

80 percent of women have faked having an orgasm at some point or another. So if you’re a man that has claimed to have seen a female orgasm in person, I hate to be the one to tell ya, but you probably didn’t.

The Best Way To Experience The Female Orgasm

Facts are just facts, and using sex toys for G-spot & clitoral stimulation are by far the ABSOLUTE best way for women to experience orgasms..sorry men, but sexual penetration from your wieners takes a back seat to sex toys when orgasms are involved.

What Are The Best Sex Toys To Help Women Achieve Orgasms?

The ABSOLUTE best sex toys to help women achieve orgasms are the suctional vibrators sold EXCLUSIVELY at the online ADULT’S ONLY sex toy boutique SUCTIONAL!


SUCTIONAL makes being an adult woman extremely fun & pleasurable!

The people who own & operate SUCTIONAL tested ALL of the world’s top female sex toys, and they have come to the conclusion that the BEST vibrators in the world are the 2 listed below…


7 Intense Suction – The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris. It simulates a perfect oral sex. With just one click, you can enjoy incredible sexual pleasure and step to the paradise of orgasm.

Fast Magnetic Charge – This clitoral stimulating vibrator can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charger base, enabling you to enjoy the oral sex pleasure up to 2 hours after fully charged.

Visit SUCTIONAL’s Website to learn more about the ROSE SUCTIONAL VIBRATOR!


Ladies, if you are ready to experience the BEST orgasms of your entire life, then this SUCTIONAL VIBRATOR will treat you better than any man ever could!

*Suctional Vibrator
“User Manual
*USB Charging Cable
*Travel Pouch

Visit SUCTIONAL’s Website to learn more about this SUCTIONAL VIBRATOR!


If you’re a woman, man, or couple reading this, please visit SUCTIONAL today and get yourself one of their AMAZING orgasm-inducing vibrators for women ASAP so you can enjoy ALL of the orgasms that you DESIRE!

How Much Sex Should Married Couples Have Each Week

Okay, so my husband and I are super horny and we probably have more sex than most married couples that I know, but I’m sure that we are nothing special because many married couples have just as much sex as us, but I’m curious to know what all of you people reading this think about marriage and sex.

For example, my husband and I bone at least 5 times per week on a bad week, and 10 times per week on a very good week, but I know that’s a lot, and I don’t think married couples need to have sex 20 or 4o times a month in order to have a sexually successful marriage, but in my own personal opinion I think married couples should have sex at least 4 times per week.

Now sex can get repetitive, and honestly, there is nothing at all wrong with a routine as long as you and your spouse are having fun doing it. I know some people think that you have to constantly spice up your sex life by mixing new things into the bedroom, but I don’t think you have to as long as you’re enjoying the sex you’re having.

I’m not a marriage or relationship counselor, so please take what I say in this article with a grain of salt, but here are some things I think couples need to do to stay lusting for each other.


Ladies, please blow your husbands at least every other day. Men LOVE seeing, and feeling, their wieners in their wives mouths, so please help your husbands out and blow them at least 15 times per month.

Maybe you don’t enjoy giving head for a number of reasons, but listen, you’re blowing your husband for him, not for you.

Husbands WASH Your BALLS Really Well ALL of the Time

Listen up guys, if you don’t wash your junk REALLY well then your balls taste and smell REALLY nasty, and if I’m helping you out here by urging your wives to blow you 15 times per month then help her out by making sure you taste and smell AMAZING!

Husbands Give Your Wife Rim Jobs

Ladies LOVE having their butt holes licked, so start licking your wife’s booty after you go down on her, or prior to having sex.

I don’t have to tell any woman to make sure her butt hole is thoroughly washed because EVERY woman cleans their booty every time they shower.

This is why I don’t recommend wives give their husbands rim jobs because let’s be honest gentlemen, you suck at wiping, so don’t even ask your wife for a rim job unless you spent 20 minutes in the shower cleaning your booty, and even then it’s not a guarantee that it’ll be 100% clean.

Watch Porn Together

Most women hate knowing that theor man watches porn, but ladies you need to take a chill pill and stop “stealing” porn time from your husband because ALL men LOVE watching porn. Yes I know that your husband tells you he doesn’t like watching porn, but he ONLY tells you thins because he knows you’ll get upset with him for telling you the truth.

Just let your man watch porn, and try watching it with him.

If anyone reading this has any advice that you think I should write about please let me know!

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Bill Cosby Might Get New TV Sitcom On Large Streaming Platform

Hollywood – July 1st, 2:10 PM

Believe it or not, but now that Bill Cosby is a free man, and just 24 hours after being released from prison, sources say that the ex- Pudding Pop salesman, and owner of the world’s ugliest sweater collection, is in talks with a major streaming service to have a new sitcom created for him.

Sources won’t say who the streaming service will be, but both Netflix and HULU have notified major Hollywood player letting them know that Cosby will NOT be on eother of their platforms.

Bill Cosby has been pitching ideas to television producers since entering prison, and one of the ideas would place him as a bartender in a “Cheers” type show…now that would be quite ironic since “The Cos” has been linked to “drugging” women through cocktails and other beverages in order to have sex with them.

A few sources close to the women that Bill Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting are going to get a petition started to help keep the comedian off of any TV platform, either network or streaming.

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It’s Not Cheating if You Wear a Condom

If you’re in a relationship and wear a condom to have sex with someone that isn’t your partner then I don’t think it should be considered “cheating”.
Now with that said, skin on skin contact during sex is “cheating”.

We all know that sex feels so much better, even anal sex for that matter, and is more intimate, when condoms are not involved. So as long as a condom keeps the skin of the penis and the skin of the vagina from touching then it’s no worse than simply dancing at a club with someone that isn’t your lover.

So if you don’t want to cheat on your partner make sure to always use a condom for oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

BJs are horrible when a wiener is wrapped up in a rubber, so I’d be shocked if your partner would have a problem with you having someone give you head, or if you gave head to someone, as long as a condom keeps the mouth from getting in contact with the penis.

Also, it’s not cheating if a man gives you a creampie in your mouth as long as you spit out his ejaculation and not swallow it. In my opinion, swallowing a man’s cumshot after giving him head is extremely intimate, and would be considered “cheating” in my book, but everyone has their own opinions on the I right or what people 🙂

Also, having anal sex with someone that isn’t your husband or wife also isn’t cheating as long as a lot of anal lube is used because less friction equals less cheating.

Lastly, lesbian encounters, even lesbian threesomes, isn’t considered cheating because you’re just fooling around with another woman, not a man, and there is no way that a man should ever get upset at his wife for having lesbian sex with another female.

Now just because I see things this way doesn’t mean your partner will, but if you explain it to them I’m certain they’ll feel the same way about condoms and cheating as I do.


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Oops I did something NAUGHTY To Sell A House..don’t tell my hubby

Okay, I want to warn you before you start reading my latest article below because it may be seen as slightly “sexual” in nature..but in my opinion it’s all about a woman doing what she has to do in order to survive during the time of a global pandemic like the one we currently find ourselves in! So please DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE if you do not want to be exposed to slightly “sexual” topics…and yes, my husband actually knows everything that I’m about to tell you, and he is 100% okay with the results, so don’t think I’m a bad person trying to hide things from my hubby because I’m not.

Final warning: If you’re okay with slightly “sexual” topics then please continue reading below…

So I just gave a potential home buyer a blow job in hopes of closing a sale on a house that’s been on the market for over 208 days and counting. Listen, COVID-19 has made it very difficult for female real estate agents to sell houses, so if I have to use the gifts that I was born with to close a sale, then start getting on my knees more often if it’s going to help me sell a house in order to increase the size of my commission checks!

Listen, I’m a 27 year old brunette real estate agent with big tits and a big ass to match, so closing house sales by giving a blow jobs to potential male buyers is super me, all men, even married men, love getting their big dick dicks sucked.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I’ve ever sucked a wiener in hopes of selling houses in the past, yes, yes I have. Not just once, not twice, but with today’s “BJ for escrow”, a term that I’m now going to call this closing technique of mine, I have given 3 blow jobs to potential home buyers; currently I’m 2 for 3 with this closing tactic, and I’m pretty sure the gentleman that I got down on my knees for today will place an offer in the next 24 hours bringing my record to a perfect 3 – 0.

I didn’t want to write about me doing this because I know people will call me a “prostitute” for giving head to sell a house, but I give really wonderful blow jobs, and I kinda think of it more as a friendly handshake than anything sexual…or should I say a friendly hand job 🙂

I did feel bad for the guy though because he ejaculated super fast, less than a minute into the blow job, and I could tell he was a little embarrassed. I wasn’t planning on having a warm protein shake for lunch today, but I didn’t want to make him feel any worse by spitting his orgasm related ejaculate out, so I just swallowed away and complimented the size of his big dick, and I also thanked him for not giving me a facial blasting a cum shot all over my face and clothing…I mean I’m a slut that loves facials just as much as any other MILF, 19 year old babysitter, or female school teacher, but I can’t show other houses with cum stains all over my blouses and short skirts.

Now that I think about it, it would be rude of him not to buy the house since I did swallow.

I’m okay with myself for giving this guy a BJ because he’s actually quite handsome, has a very nice sized wiener, and if I met him outside of work I’d totally have a one night stand with him.

Well wish me good luck that this guy and his wife place an offer by close of business tomorrow because not only is the commission going to be really nice, but I’ll also get a bonus for selling 5 houses this month!

I think I’m going to start wearing super tight yoga pants when I show houses to married men because I can just grind my big ass on their big dicks instead of giving them head..but if the yoga pants idea fails then I’ll just suck some more cock to help me sell houses!

My Friend Jenny is A Swinger

My friend Jenny is a swinger and is hoping to recruit some men and women that would be interested in attending a swinger’s party in 2021. She travels across the country, and the world for that matter, setting up swinger parties, so no matter where you live, Jenny will be hosting a swinger’s party somewhere near you in 2021!

Click here to visit Jenny’s swinger’s site if you’re interested!

Here are a few pics that Jenny is deleting from my old iPhone X but wanted to post here just in case anyone wanted to see them….some are pics she took herself and some are from old photo shoots, and some I have no idea who took them …but enjoy her booty and boobies….

Jenny wrote all of the captions below…..enjoy!!!!

Hi..My name is Jenny, and I would love to share some of my naughty pics with anyone who would love to see them!

This first one was taken by my friend Kelly and I think it’s me getting ready for a bj contest at a swinger’s party in Newport…my booty looks kinda hot in these panties…

A Few of My Booty and Boobie iPhone Pics

No idea where I am in this selfie, but I do love these panties as well as the ones in the previous I don’t know which pic my booty looks best in…anyway, I sound silly talking about my booty as much as I do…and there are a LOT more booty pics below…so if you don’t want to listen to me comment on my booty then you may not want to continue scrolling down…

Booty selfie

My boobs look pretty neat in this outfit….my booty isn’t looking too bad either…I have a question, can you let me know in the comments section if my booty or boobs look best in this pic below…I really need the opinion of a man for this one..thank you to anyone that takes the time to answer this question..and I’ll send nudes from my old iPhone to anyone that sends me an email about this article/post!

Boob selfie

Same outfit but from the front, and from a different day..I only can tell because of my iPhone case 🙂


Haha..I remember taking this pic because the guy from Tinder that I sent it to said something like, “Wow! Your boobs are straight up 3D”…I remember this because I had sex with him later that night and he mentioned that his “3D” comment was pretty “smooth” and that he was going to add that line to his “how to get laid arsenal”…I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I only had sex with him to get closer to my goal of 1,000 one-night-stands from guys I match with on Tinder so I can write my book…he was also really bad at sex..he did some weird body snake thing with his body….yikes I can’t believe I had sex with him…but a slut has got to get to 1,000 one-night-stands as quickly as she can!


OMG!!! My booty looks so FAT here..I can’t believe I didn’t make the sink collapse with all that pressure I’m putting on it here…


This pic is from about 3 years ago..see how tone and tight my booty looks here…that’s where I need id to be in 2020!!!


Those are my boobs….


My boobs are on the left and that girl next to me is my hot friend Tiffany…..


That’s my booty…


Those are my boobs at 21 years of age…but I only had them for about a year when this was taken..


This is from a photo shoot that really went no where…but my booty looks cute in this pic…


Hmmm..I don’t think I have any panties on in the pic below…actually I’m certain of it..


I can’t believe the photographer didn’t tell me that the mesh was messed-up…if you look at my left booty cheek you can see how the mesh is stretched out a bit and really ruins the picture…I also can’t believe I had to pay the photographer for this shoot because all of the pics came out really bad..


Now this photographer knew how to make my booty look like a Hollywood star! He really earned all 3 of the bjs he got that afternoon!


This is from the same photo shoot as the above pic..and I think this was taken between the second and third bj that I gave the photographer 🙂


Another photo shoot…..I wish I could take pics as good as this..I think the new iPhone 11 pro max I have might be able to take pics way better than this even..gosh I hope so because I don;t want to spend anymore money on photo shoots! It adds up!!!


Those are my boobs…


My boobs again….


Yep…my boobs again…


You are not experiencing deja vu…you are just seeing my boobs over, and over, and over again….


Now look at my boobs in the above pic and then my boobs in the below pic…The above was taken by a professional photographer and the below by me….I should never take my own boob pics because they look so much better when a pro takes them!


Another pic of me getting ready for a swinger’s party!


Here’s a pic of my booty when it was small, cute, and in shape…..


And here’s a pic of my booty when it’s fat, jiggly, and needs a whole-lot-of-work!


And here’s a pic of my booty between too big and too small, but still not “just right”..but getting there!


And this is my booty when it’s looking perfect…and that is where it’s going to be in 2021!


Well I hope you didn’t get bored while scrolling through all of these pics that I’ve been deleting from my old iPhone…I have about 2,000 more pics to delete…if I find any good ones then I’ll update this article!

Update: Should A Mom Like Me Have A Threesome?

I’d like to thank Jenny for reaching out to me this morning and giving me great advice on how to encourage my husband to try having a threesome with me and another woman at least once.

-Picture of Jenny Above-

Jenny has a great blog as well, and after she saw the article I published on my blog yesterday she contacted me and told me exactly what I had to do if I wanted to make my husband feel comfortable about having sex with me and another woman at the same time.

Well I did exactly what she recommended and I’m very excited to say that my husband has agreed to having a threesome with me and another woman!

-Picture of Jenny From One of Her Swinger Parties-

Jenny’s blog is amazing and I encourage everyone to check it out!

Click here to see how amazing Jenny’s blog is!

Below is the article I published yesterday so you know what I’m referring:

“Is It Okay For A Mom Like Me To Have Threesomes or Test The Swinger Lifestyle?”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 111.jpg

Sorry for posting such an explicit picture of myself here, but this whole “social distancing” thing has been driving me so crazy with boredom that I asked my hubby this morning to take a few sexy pics of me and I think they turned out pretty great.

But the reason why I’m writing this article is because I would like some advice from all of my wonderful readers, or from anyone that stumbles upon my blog.

I want to start testing out threesomes with my husband and other women, and possibly try swinging, but I’ve never had this conversation with my husband.

I don’t want to have sex with other men at all, but I think I’d really enjoy having a threesome with my husband and another woman but I just don’t know how to bring it up to him, and funny enough he’s actually sitting next to me on our couch as I write this….here I am telling the whole world that I want to have a threesome but haven’t yet found the right way to let my husband know.

I’m just too nervous to ask him if he’d be okay if I called up the girl who does my eyelash extensions tonight and have a threesome with her. This girl is super cute and always tells me how sexy my husband is, and when I asked her last week if she’d be interested in having a threesome with me and my husband she said “yes”.

Another thing that concerns me is that I’m a mom, and I’m struggling with my feelings in regards to sex because I don’t know if a mother should be inviting women over to sleep with her and her husband. I’m just so darn confused…I think this whole staying inside for the past 3 weeks because of the Coronavirus is causing me to think about things like this more than usual.

I can’t ask my sisters or friends for any advice because I know they’ll judge me (that’s the main reason why they don’t even know my blog exists), so if anyone reading can let me know how I should go about asking my husband to have a threesome with me and the girl that applies my eyelash extensions I’d really appreciate it.

My husband does know about my blog, but he only reads it when I let him know about a new article I’ve published, so I’m not worried about him reading this post…but maybe telling him to read this article would be a great way to start the conversation?

I really welcome anyone’s advice, and I’d seriously appreciate it.

I hope everyone reading this is staying safe from the Coronavirus!

Intimacy For Parents isn’t EASY AT ALL! But It’s Important!

As a mother of 3 young children I know how difficult it is making time for intimacy with my husband. But intimacy is very important for all marriages, so you have to make time for “sexy” time with your partner no matter what.

Here are a few things that I recommend parents of small children can to so they can to keep the flame in their marriage burning!

-Morning Quickie-

Fast and quick is better than nothing at all, No matter how tired you are in the morning get up 20 minutes earlier than usual and get intimate with your husband or wife.

-Date Night-

Hire a babysitter once per week, even if only for an hour.

-Shower Together-

For one, your’re saving money on the water bill, and second, even if you don’t make love in the shower, just being in thatclose of proximity to each other can make you and your partner feel close, emotionally as well as literally.

-Say Sorry And Thank You to Each Other-

Little kids can make you tired and frustrated. But don’t take out your frustration on your partner, but if you do just apologize.

-Make Love 3 Times Per Week-

No matter how busy you are, and no matter how tired you are, you must make love with your husband or wife at least 3 times per week!

Thank you for reading, and please share any suggestions on how parents of small children can make time for each other in intimate ways in the comments section!



Is Being Called a “MILF” A Bad Thing?

Wow, some 40 year old guy who saw me buying groceries at Target this afternoon called me a “MILF”.

This is not a joke. I was in line waiting to check-out and this guy in front me tells whoever he’s talking to on the phone, “you got to hit up Target during the day, so many hot MILFs, one is directly behind me”.

WTF creep!? I wanted to tell him off, but again, I think he was paying me a compliment. I’m just a little conflicted as to how I feel about being called a “MILF”.

First off, I’m only 27 years old, and when I think of the word “MILF” I think of an older woman in her late 30s or early 40s….but regardless, I think calling a woman a “MILF” is kind rude.

I think I first heard the word “MILF” when I was 7 years old when I was watch that movie American Pie with my older brother. First, no 7 year old should ever watch American Pie, I would just pass out if my children ever watched a raunchy R-rated movie like American Pie before they were 18 years old.

Anyways, I first heard the term “MILF” when I was 7, and for those of you that don’t know what “MILF” stands for “MILF” is short for “Mom I’d Like To F*ck.”

Today “MILF” is splattered on mugs, shirts, books, and other paraphernalia. The reasons you should never call a mom a MILF are greater in number than the term’s popularity, though, and should be taken into account anytime someone decides to describe a mother in relation to how much they want to have sex with her. You know, because gross.

While some women take pride in being dubbed a MILF, I take issue with the term for reasons other than how damn disrespectful it is. While it’s demeaning and rude to be referred to in such a way, it’s also wrong on so many levels. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling sexy and desirable. I enjoy turning heads and my ego could use a few more compliments. MILF isn’t a complement, though. In fact. MILF is misogynistic. The term reminds me of teenage boys drooling over each other’s gorgeous moms. It does not scream “you’re beautiful,” it screams “you’re doable and I’m horny.” And, furthermore, the words of teenage boys isn’t where grown women should be searching for validations. (That should come from within, but that’s a separate issue.)

So if you’re a man that finds himself in the check-out line at Target, don’t call mothers MILFs. It’s not nice and it’s offensive. If you want to pay a woman a compliment, there are thousands of other ways. If you can’t figure out what else to call a woman aside from MILF, then maybe you can do some soul searching? That could be good for everyone involved.

Maybe I’m being a prude.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic my sharing them in the comments sections!



Does Pornstar Cherie DeVille have a BETTER Looking Booty Than Me?

Okay, now I want to know if all of you readers out there think that MILF pornstar Cherie DeVille has a nicer backside than I do! Pornstar Cherrie DeVille was born in 1978, and is almost 16 years older than me, so I REALLY hope that my booty looks way more tempting than hers, but she does have an AMAZING rump, so I don;t mind losing out to a booty goddess such as MILF pornstar Cherie DeVille!

Now it’s time for all of you readers to check out my booty and compare it to Cerie DeVille’s ass which is pictured above!

My Booty Pic #1 Below…

This is more of a side booty shot, but I want ALL of you knowing what I;m working with 🙂

My Booty Pic #2 Below…

Now my booty isn’t as “JUICY” as that of Cheri DeVille’s tushy, so if you prefer a BIG BOOTY over a tiny round booty then I’m certainm you will prefer her ass over mine in a heartbeat…but what I really want to know is if you think my booty looks more like a 27 year old booty, or that of a booty that belongs to a MILF. If you want to know why I’m asking this question then please read the article I recently wrote and posted here on my blog titled “DO I HAVE A MILF BOOTY?” You can just click on that title and you’ll see why I’m comparing my ass to that of MILF pornstars such as Kendra Lust, Brandi Love, and Cheri DeVille just to name a few!

My Booty Pic #3 Below…

This is one of my better “booty” shots, so of course I’m going to come out here guns-a-blazing with my sexiest ass pics…and I do hope that my booty does make you just as horny as the booty pics of Cherie DeVille that I’ll be posting momentarily for all of you to drool over, because MILF pornstar Cherie DeVille does have a SPECTACULAR looking ass!

My Booty Pic #4 Below…

Okay, this is the last “ass pic” I’ll be posting in this article, but if you want to see more of my sexy pics please message me in the comments section and I’ll send you some if you’d like to receive them…trust me, my husband loves for me to share my naughty pics with other men and women 🙂

Now it’s time for Cherie DeVille’s ass…

Cherie DeVille’s ass looks pretty AMAZING in these short denim shorts!

Now take a look at Cherie DeVille’s ass in her sexy tennis uniform..

Take another look at Cherie DeVille’s ass in the pic below..

I’m not going to lie, Cherie DeVille’s ass looks INCREDIBLE honey in the above picture…seriiusly for being 44 years of age Cherie DeVille is way sexier than most of her fellow female pornstars in the adult industry today! Plus if you want to watch Cherie DeVille in an anal sex scene I highly recommend you check it out because she looks so HOT while getting her booty pounded! In fact, my hubby and I threw on a Cheri DeVille anal scene the other night before we had anal sex, so I highly recommend you watching Cherie DeVille porn to help you get into the mood!

And Cherie DeVille’s final booty pic below…

And there you have it….please let me know if my booty, in the picture below, looks more like a MILF booty, or that of a 27 year old hottie!

I have to admit that my ass looks pretty sexy in the pic above!

But my opinion doesn’t matter, please let me know your honest opinion as to who’s ass is better looking, my ass, or MILF porn star Cherie DeVille’s juicy big and round booty!

Finally, if you’re a women reading this that would like to test out a threesome with my hubby and I, then please hit me up in the comments and let’s see what we can make happen!

Is My Booty Sexier Than Brandi Love’s Booty?

Okay, someone just sent me an email letting me know that the pictures of my booty that I’ve been posting on my blog are sexier than that of American pornographic actress Brandi Love! And I really hope so because although Brandi Love has one heck of an AMAZING ass, her booty is 48 years old and my booty, pictured below, is ONLY 27 years old!

I really want to know what ALL of you readers out there reading this think of my booty! Do you think my booty looks like a MILF booty because I have children, or does my booty look like that of a 27 year old hottie?

Here are a couple more pics of MILF porn star Brandi Love’s ass below so you can compare more fairly…

Brandi Love does have a really nice ass, so if you think her ass looks sexier than mine I will NOT get upset with you! But please let me know if the comments section who has a better looking ass, mine, or Brand Love!

And here is one more ass picture of Brandi Love below…

And below is another picture of my ass…

If you want to know my I have taken pictures of my ass to post on my blog please read the article that I recently posted titled DO I HAVE A MILF BOOTY, or if you scroll over the words “DO I HAVE A MILF BOOTY” you can click over to the article and read it!

Basically, my husband and I did a photo shoot while we were in Vegas over the 4th of July weekend so we could create a really sexy dating profile for us that we use on various dating sites and dating apps in order to exclusively meet women who are interested in participating in threesomes with us…I don;t want you thinking that I just take sexy pics of myself to just compare against sexy female pornstar asses, but since I have the pics of my booty I may as well share them!

And please send me a private comment here with your email address if you’d like for me to share more naughty pics with you!

Okay, one more time…please let me know if MILF Brandi Love’s ass, pictured below, makes you harder than my booty which is the second booty pic posted below..

And the ass below belongs to me…

Most importantly, more than anything else, can you please let me know if my booty looks more like that of a 27 year old ass or that of a 48 year old tush.

I mean, Brandi Love does have a REALLY nice ass, so I don’t mind some of you thinking her booty is more popping than mine is, but I do hope that some of you think my booty is more delicious looking than that of a 48 year olds…but again, Brandi Love does have a PERFECT butt!

I will be comparing my booty to that of many more MILF pornstars, so I hope you keep reading my articles because I am actually super serious to know if my booty looks like it belongs to a MILF or to a 27 year old.

Do I Have a Better Booty Than MILF Pornstar Kendra Lust?

Okay, I just wrote an article about me possibly having a “MILF Booty”, and because of that I’d like to share with ALL of you what a real MILF booty looks like by posting a couple pics of actresses that are considered to be MILFS in the adult industry of porn.

The first MILF porn star that I want to discuss is no other than Kendra Lust!

Kendra Lust is indeed a top rated MILF in the porn industry, and she actually started her career when she was in her late 30s, so she has always been considered to be a MILF. Kendra Lust was actually born on September 18th, 1978 making her almost 44 years of age, so she in fact is a true MILF, unlike myself who is only 27 years of age…

Now let’s compare Kendra Lusts’s booty against my booty, and I’d like for all of you to let me know if my 27 year old booty is better, or worse, than that of 44 year old Kendra Lust’s booty..

My Booty is below…

And the below booty belongs to that of MILF porn star Kendra Lust…

Now my main question is, does my booty look older or more youthful than Kendra Lusts’ EXTREMELY sexy tush…I’m not asking who has a better butt, me or Kendra Lust, I just want to know if my booty looks more youthful that her booty does.

Below is another picture of my booty

And below is a picture of porn legend Kendra Lust’s ass once again…

I think that both Kendra Lust and myself have really AMAZING looking asses, and I know that make me sound EXTREMELY vain and shallow, but I put a lot of work into making my booty look as sexy as possible, so if you think I’m being conceited I totally get that…I’m just trying to figure out if my booty is more youthful looking that that of an established pornstar booty.

If you want to watch any of Kendra Lust’s porn scenes then I suggest you check out all of Kendra Lust’s anal sex scenes as well as her threesome scenes. When you search for a Kendra Lust threesome scene make sure you search for Kendra Lust FFM threesome so that you can watch Kendra Lust and another hot pornstar babe having sex with just one dude..unless you like watching two dudes bang one chick…I just know that most men love watching two hot girls having sex with one guy.

Once again, I’m not trying to get compliments, but I do want to make sure that my 27 year old ass is still more attractive to most men than that of a 44 year old woman’s ass, porn star or not.

Now I know that many of you reading this will most likely think that Kendra Lust has a way better looking ass than I do, but please keep in mind that ALL of her pictures that I’ve posted here are professionally done…but to be 100% honest, my booty pics were taken by my husband who is actually a professional photographer, but we did not manipulate the pictures with any image enhancing programs…so the booty you see here is my real tush!

Please keep reading because I will be comparing my booty against that of another pornstar MILF’s booty!

To Swallow or Not To Swallow During Oral Sex…That is The Question

To all of my fellow females of the world, the answer to the famous Shakespearean question where he references blow jobs “to swallow, or not to swallow” is of course TO SWALLOW!

I know that many of my female friends hate swallowing their man’s ejaculation during an oral sex session, but I highly urge ALL ladies to swallow more and more often.

Now, if you are swallowing on a regular basis, but your man’s spermy load doesn’t taste that great, then here is some advice that will really make your man’s load taste much better… now the texture of semen can’t be changed, but the taste of semen can be helped if you get your man to do the following:

Tip #1 – Make sure your man stops smoking cigarettes.

Smoking can make spunk taste grody to the max. Plus he will be healthier overall if he doesn’t smoke, which will help him have better stamina during sex!

Tip #2 – Don’t let your man drink too much alcohol!

Alcohol helps with getting the courage to place a huge penis in your mouth, but alcohol will make your man’s giant weiner blow out some funky tasting jizz. So don’t eat a load a day after a night of heavy drinking.

Tip #3 – Make him eat some celery.

Celery is high in water and vitamin C and can clear the semen of what might be making his celery stick juice taste nasty.

Tip #4 – If your man smokes weed then get him to quit.

Smoking weed will not only get your lover high, it will also make his cum taste like a glass of crap.

Tip #5 – No more Starbucks runs.

His coffee with cream is making the cream in his penis taste like sour milk in your mouth. So cut out coffee and even caffeine.

Tip #6 – Make sure your man cuts out dairy from his diet!

Milk might do a body good, but it makes creamy jizz taste like a bag of hot farts.

Tip #7 – Make sure your man drinks cranberry juice.

This will balance pH levels and will make you want to drink a glass full of his semen if you’re extremely thirsty…okay, a glass of even the tastiest semen will not go down well, but cranberry juice really does help!

Tip #8 – This is going to be a difficult one but try getting your man to cut out red meat from his diet.

Steaks taste great, but the jizz blasting into your mouth from his meat bone will make you want to spit out his load just as fast as he exploded it into your mouth.

Tip #9 – Don’t let him eat every veggie on his plate!

Avoid these vegetable please: cauliflower and cabbage. Not only will his cum taste like dead fish guts, but will also make him blast out some nasty farts. Kill two birds with one stone! NO ASPARAGUS EVER!!!

Tip #10 – Cut out fast food.

An Inn-And-Out burger will sour the ketchup coming out of his French fry!

As soon as your man makes these changes you will be more than happy sucking down every single drop of your man’s love juice.

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Best Pornstar Booty…In My Personal Opinion That Is….

I have to admit that I LOVE watching porn, which most wives and moms don’t do, or at least the moms and wives that I know, but I’m only 27 years old and I’m starting to LOVE anal sex…and with that said I have been watching a LOT of porn where the female porn stars has anal sex, and I have fallen in love with a few female porn stars because of how AMAZING their butts are! I mean EVERY single booty on these ladies is PERFECT!

Please check out the list below of my favorite female pornstar asses and let me know if you agree! And I will share a booty selfies with anyone that chimes in with their opinion in the comments section so you can compare my booty with those of the ladies in my list below…and mine is pretty OUTSTANDING if I do say so myself…

Abella Danger

If you have never seen Abella Danger’s porn vids then you really need to check them out ASAP because she has one fine backside. Oh, if you like anal sex scenes then trust me when I say that Abella Danger’s butt looks so hot when a wiener is going in and out of it!

Honestly Abella Danger might have the best ass in ALL of porn, I just can’t decide because ALL of the female pornstars on my list have such AMAZING derrieres!

Lana Rhoades

I would LOVE experiencing a threesome with my husband and pornstar Lana Rhoades so much…I would squirt so hard just watching my husband pound away on that beautiful booty! OMG that booty is to die for!

Mia Malkova

Now I was watching some porn scenes with Mia Malkova that were filmed a couple years ago and her butt looks more natural back then because if you see it in her most recent sex scenes on PornHub you can totally tell that Mia Malkova’s ass has implants in her booty cheeks, but even her fake booty is something to desire and recognize as a perfect pornstar ass.

Emily Willis

Pornstar Emily Willis might be only 22 years old or so, but she does a LOT of anal sex scenes, so I’m not sure how many more miles her booty has left in the tank, so check her anal sex scenes out now while her booty looks like a perfectly ripe peach that you just want to nibble on for hours! Also, and I can’t believe that I’m admitting this but Emily Willis’ butt hole is also super sexy and I’ve yet to lick another woman’s butt hole, but I would TOTALLY lick hers if given the chance..I think my hubby would approve!

Peta Jensen

Okay I have to admit something here, Peta Jensen is the pornstar that my husband and I watch the most of..well her and Nicole Aniston, and they have a threesome together that is so HOT! But if you do a search for “Peta Jensen Ripped Jeans Threesome” you will be introduced to the hottest porn scene stars her and another hot porn star..I can’t remember her name right now, but here is an image I was able to find online that’s from that porn scene

Brandi Love

If I’m being honest I hate to admit that I think Brandi Love has one of the least attractive faces in all of porn, but she has one of the best butts, and I think she’s almost 50 years old and her booty is still top notch!

Riley Reid

I’m not sure if Riley Reid is still putting out new porn scenes, but she still has a PERFECT booty, and I highly suggest you watch a Riley Reid anal sex scene. I mean she might have the smallest pornstar ass on my list pf best porn star asses, but her’s is still EXTREMELY sexy!

Kendra Lust

Now Kendra Lust’s ass is a sight for sore boners if you ask me because if I were a guy I’d be stroking off to her derriere every chance I got..I mean I still pleasure myself to her anal scenes, and I think Kendra Lust is probably the hardest working MILF in porn because she has more sex scenes on all of the porn tube sites that I’ve checked out than any other female porn star, and from what I read she didn’t start doing porn until she was like

Nicole Aniston

I don’t care what anyone says because I think pornstar Nicole Aniston is honestly the most beautiful porn star that has EVER been. I mean she does have a perfect booty, but porn star Nicole Aniston also has one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen, and not just for a porn star, but she has one of the prettiest faces in the world!

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How To Have A Threesome: Magical Advice on Getting It Done

If you have ever thought about having a threesome but knew that your wife/girlfreind wouldn;t go for it, then follw these tips and you miught actually pull it off…and with the blessing of your wife or girlfriend….

TIP #1 To Having A Threesome: FIND THE RIGHT GIRL

This might seem obvious, but you must start here. There are some women who’re simply too closed off to jump in the deep end with you and that shy, nerdy looking type you see at the coffee shop every Thursday.

No, she doesn’t have to be a promiscuous party girl, fresh from her first high school sweetheart and looking to explore all the sexual wonders that life in college has to offer. She doesn’t even need to have had a threesome before. All she needs is to be comfortable with her sexuality and willing to try new things.

This will be most women that are confident, cool, and fun. If you try this with a sexually repressed, scared, insecure women, you’re just going to cause yourself more problems than it’s worth. I know it’s hard to believe that dealing with annoying questions and over-inflated dramas can outweigh the feeling of having a girl sitting in your lap and the other on your face, but it will.

You might be able to put up with it for a week, or even a month, but it’ll get to you. Trust me.

Get Invited To A Swinger’s Party In Your City!

We host Swinger Parties in EVERY state across the USA, so if you are interested about learning when and where the swinger parties are being held in your city then visit our swinger updates page here!

TIP #2 To Having A Threesome: THE MAGIC QUESTION

There’s a magic question you can ask any woman that will push your chance of a threesome through the roof. Most guys go with ‘Will you do this for me?’ or ‘If you really loved me…’ and fail miserably. Why? Because they’re missing the point.

The secret to having many, many threesomes isn’t being great at convincing women to do things for you. It’s something far simpler…

Imagine yourself standing at an ATM with a newly found ‘sexy’ friend. She’s looking at you all coy, batting her eyelids, and leaning forward so you can stare straight down her cleavage. After touching your arm and laughing at a few jokes, she asks “Can you give me $300? I’d really like it. If you loved me, you would.”

Would you do it? Would you even consider it? Well, that’s what you’re asking when you mention how sexy her best friend from high school looks in that red skirt.

But what if she said something different? What if she came at this from a different angle?

What if she said “I know how much you’ve been dying for a threesome, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it with a friend, so I’m going to hire that pornstar you love to join in with us. The only problem is I’m $300 short. Can you cover the rest?” Different story, isn’t it.

Why? Because she’s not asking for something from you, she’s helping you do something. It’s not about her; it’s about you.

This is the secret to having more threesomes than you can count: stop making it about you and make it about her. “But how do I do that????” I hear you scream. Well, it’s easy. It all starts with one innocent question:

“What kind of women do you like?”

Simply. Innocently. Casually. No pressure, no stress, just a simple question.

This is the secret to gently guiding your inexperienced female friends into the debaucherous and dirty world of threesomes. Don’t ask “Do you like women?” More often than not, from fear of judgement, most girls will say “No.”

If you ask “What kind of women do you like?”, it lets her know that you already know she likes women and that it’s ok for her to talk about it. Ask her about the look, the vibe, get her to elaborate on as many details as she feels comfortable. Don’t push her too far. All you want to do is set up a relationship that’s open, free, and she feels comfortable talking about the kind of women she’s attracted to.

TIP #3 To Having A Threesome: THE BUILD UP

Now that you’ve got her comfortable talking about the women she’s attracted to, does this mean you’re going to come home one day and find her spread-eagled, tied to your bed, with that hot friend you’ve always dreamed about in between her legs?

Possibly, but not likely.

Once she’s opened up about the fact that she’s as attracted to Jenny as much as John, it’s time to water that seed and watch her blossoming desire grow. You do that by gradually coaxing more and more sordid and erotic details out of her.

As you’re strolling down the shopping arcade, arm in arm, feeling relaxed and loved, just after you’ve finished a big lunch and you’re feeling that post-food satisfaction, and you see a girl who matches the description your girlfriend gave you…

…just casually ask “Is that the kind of girl you like?”

That’s all. There doesn’t need to be any saucy details or intricate descriptions about the positions she’d put her in or the different knots she’d use to tie her up. It just needs to get her more comfortable talking about the kinds of women she likes. Make it as casual and as simple as possible.

Once she’s comfortable talking about the women in her fantasies, it’s time to move onto the next step – exploring her fantasies.

Take her to a club or anywhere that she’s going to get a little drunk and a bit loose. When she’s sweaty from grinding up against her, start pointing out women and find the ones that she likes. Then, start to find out what she really wants to do.“Would you let her go down on you?”

“Would you go down on her?”
“What kind of kisser do you think she’d be?”
“Can you imagine what it would feel like to have her legs wrapped around your head?”
“Who do you think has the nicer xxxxxxxx?”
Really start to push the envelope. Just see how far it goes. She’s drunk, she’s horny, she’s sexually adventurous, and she feels safe talking about this kind of stuff with you. It’s game on.

BUT, your aim isn’t to take home a girl tonight. If you think you can, great. But it’s not necessary, there’s still one more build up step.

If you’ve followed all the steps until now, then you should have a horny, curious, confident, and adventurous woman on your hands. She’s ready to go, but she’s still not there yet. There’s still one more step to add in before she starts to BEG you to seduce her best friend.

Next time, you’re having sex, start the dirty talk.

I’m not going to go into details about how you do this. There are plenty of books and DVDs out there you can get on this topic. Once you’re comfortable telling her all the dirty things you’re going to do to her and screaming about how tight she feels, then start to introduce the x-factor in.

“Imagine what it would feel like to be stretched apart by my hard xxxx as xxxx’s tongue runs up and down your clit…”

Your job (should you choose to accept it) is to get her imaging what it would feel like to have sex with you while another woman joins in. Get her hot, get her turned on, get her into the mood, and get her cumming while thinking about how much hotter it would be if another girl were there.

If you do this right, she’ll be the one starting the dirty talk.

She’ll be talking about all the dirty things she and her new work colleague from accounting with the short skirt and the killer legs could do to you.

TIP #4 To Having A Threesome: 1 + 1 + ? = 3

If she’s not begging for you to bring a girl home now, then you’ve done something wrong. Go back to the start and see where you stuffed up. By this time, you’ll be taking her out, and she’ll be pointing out all the girls she wants you to seduce. Now, the real work starts.

You’ve got one girl, but now you have to work your magic on the number 2.

This is where the real work starts and the part that usually takes the most time. There’s very little chance that you’re just going to see a woman in the street, talk to her for 5 minutes, and then all of a sudden, she’s going to be tearing the belt out of your girlfriend’s pants.

You’re going to need time to work through basically the same process you’ve just gone through with your girlfriend (except obviously without the sex part).

Start out by heading out with your girlfriend. Go somewhere fun, cool, where people are getting loose and fun. Bars and house parties are the best for this kind of action. Find a girl that your girlfriend really likes and get to work. Start out by flirting, playing around, mentioning your girlfriend, but making sure you focus on pushing her buttons.

Really work her over. Get her all fired up. The place you want to get her to is thinking “If you didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d drag you home, right now.”

Once you notice that she’s so wet that she’s leaving slippery puddles lying all over the ground, it’s time to bring your girlfriend into the picture.

“My girlfriend thinks you have the hottest arse…”
“My girlfriend told me that she thinks you have the sexiest legs she’s ever seen…”
“My girlfriend’s never been with a girl before, but if she was going to, she said you’d be the kind of girl she’d want to do it with…”
Once she’s hot, wet, horny, and trying to find some excuse to get you into her panties, it’s time to drop the money question:

“What kind of girls do you like?”

If you’ve done everything right, it won’t matter what kind of girls she usually fantasises about when she’s exploring her panties with her hands, there’ll only be one answer: Your Girlfriend.

By that point in time, she’ll have spent so much time imagining what it would feel like to have your sweaty, hard body, pinning her delicate frame to the mattress/couch/bathroom wall/backseat of your car/any dark corner of the club she can get 5 minutes alone with you that she’ll say anything to make her dreams come true.

TIP #5 To Having A Threesome: ESCALATE

This is about the time you should introduce my girlfriend into the mix and see what needs to happen next. You’ve got your girlfriend begging you to find girls to bring home for her, and you’ve got the kind of girl your girlfriend wants, dripping wet and ready to do whatever you want to get filled by your manliness.

It’s a pretty favourable situation that really requires very little intervention. But if you find that they’re not moving along under their own steam, there is one sentence you can use to push it over the edge:

“There’s nothing hotter than watching two girls dance with each other.”

Flashing lights, thumping music, and two horny, wet, loose girls grinding up and down each other, both trying to turn you on as much as possible. They’ll be touching, bumping, groping, and fingering as much as the law will allow. All you need to do then is join in, gently guide their lips together, and watch the magic happen.

When they’re finished tasting the delicate pleasures of the fairer sex, it’s time to take them by the hands and lead them out of the club. Throw them both in the back seat of the car, tell them to get to know each other, and get your arse back to your place asap.

TIP #6 To Having A Threesome: THE SEX

I’m not going to go into detail about what happens here because it’s going to be completely different in every situation. The most important part is that you approach this more as a business manager than a horny 16 year old.

You’ve got two women here. Each one with her own desires, pleasures, and fetishes. Your job is to make sure that each woman walks away from this feeling satisfied.

If you go in there just wanting to get off and fall asleep, it’ll be the last time you ever have a threesome. You need to take control, pay SPECIFIC attention to each girl, and make sure she’s getting EXACTLY what she wants.

If she’s the kind of girl that LOVES to be dominated and thrown around, then dominate her, throw her around, and tell the other girl to join in.

If she’s the kind of girl who loves to be pinned and tied up then make sure you tie her up and get the other girl to join in.

If she’s the kind of girl who loves a bit of slap and tickle then make sure you let her have it and that the other girl joins in.

If she’s the kind of girl who loves to be in control, then you need to make the active decision to let go of control and give her the chance to have her way for a while.

But whatever you do, make sure you’re the one making it happen. You’ve created this situation and taken responsibility for bringing these girls together, so it’s on you to make sure they get what they want from it. If you can do this, it could be the start of a very fun relationship. If you don’t, it’s the LAST time it’ll happen.

TIP #7 To Having A Threesome: THE FOLLOWUP

Yes, you’ve had your fun. Yes, it was great. But there’s still more to do. If this is the first time your girlfriend has ever had a threesome, then she’s going to be dealing with a lot of emotions the next day. They could range from guilt, to shame, to excitement, to pleasure, to curiosity.

Whatever they are, you need to make sure you’re there for her to support her through what she’s going through. She might be nervous about bringing up the topic so make sure you make time to pull her aside and have a one on one chat with her about the night.

Talk about the things you liked, the things you didn’t enjoy, and encourage her to do the same. Then, talk about what you would do differently next time and see how she’d feel about a next time. Also remember that there were two girls involved and they will both have feelings that need to be addressed. Take some time out to chat with the other girl and make sure she’s ok with the whole situation.

She might want to swap phone numbers with you, but she might not.

She might want to swap phone numbers with you but your girlfriend might not.

Whatever happens, just roll with it and remember that you’re dealing with people’s feelings here.